The Work Begins

The last day we had an opportunity to hunt, just after a nice big rain, we were able to harvest a couple of two pointers that happened to be hanging out on the edge of some aspens. It had been some rough hunting due to the elevated temperatures for the time of year but the rain from the night before really cooled things down and the animals were moving about. We were successful about 9:15 AM. It took us until 1:45 PM to get both deer up to the dirt road so we could load them on to the four wheelers and head back to the truck.

Video: Parachuting Beaver Short Found from 1950's

It wasn't exactly an unreleased Beatles tune or a missing Monet, but the much-talked-about film featuring parachuting beavers was recently rediscovered in Fish and Game's archives. The 1950s film "Fur for the Future" produced by the department highlighted Fish and Game's efforts to transplant muskrats, marten and beavers, which included parachuting beavers into the back-country.

Working with the Idaho Historical Society, we were able to find the film which was found in a mislabeled box.

The story about the missing film of parachuting beavers rippled through the Internet last year, and reached as far as a Swiss magazine article.

And, well, when you've got film with parachuting beavers, you've got a story, and here it is.

16.84lb Rainbow trout

Caught this great rainbow trout came close to the state record. We got the fish certified weighed and measured after visiting the Boise Fish & Game office. 16.84lbs and 32 7/8 inches