Video: Parachuting Beaver Short Found from 1950's

It wasn't exactly an unreleased Beatles tune or a missing Monet, but the much-talked-about film featuring parachuting beavers was recently rediscovered in Fish and Game's archives. The 1950s film "Fur for the Future" produced by the department highlighted Fish and Game's efforts to transplant muskrats, marten and beavers, which included parachuting beavers into the back-country.

Working with the Idaho Historical Society, we were able to find the film which was found in a mislabeled box.

The story about the missing film of parachuting beavers rippled through the Internet last year, and reached as far as a Swiss magazine article.

And, well, when you've got film with parachuting beavers, you've got a story, and here it is.

16.84lb Rainbow trout

Caught this great rainbow trout came close to the state record. We got the fish certified weighed and measured after visiting the Boise Fish & Game office. 16.84lbs and 32 7/8 inches

Archery Bull

Snuck in on this bull and 20 cows. Got him up and killed him at 50 yards. Green scored him at 360. Over the counter public land diy archery.

Video: Hot Summer Affects Chinook

It wasn't just the sockeye salmon that suffered in this record hot summer of 2015. Fish and Game's McCall Hatchery made some changes to accommodate over-heated Chinook salmon.

This video explains some of the events and Idaho Fish and Game's response.

“Because of the water temperatures in the South Fork being in the upper seventies, we were seeing a lot of mortality over there with fish that we were holding as well as fish that were in the river swimming free,’ said Joel Patterson, McCall Hatchery Assistant Manager. “So, those fish were then transported here because of elevated temperatures and low flows.”

Normally, the McCall Hatchery is housing catchable rainbow trout in the summer, but those fish were moved out early to lower elevation lakes and streams to make room for the Chinook salmon. Instead of spawning the fish at the trap, it was done at the McCall Hatchery in late August and early September.

Idaho fire closure map update (9/25/2015) - Most "area" closures lifted

fire closure map 9/25

Most of Idaho's fire closure areas have been lifted. However, there are still many trail and road closures in some areas.

Areas that have been burned, and any additional, remaining closures are available in the Idaho Hunt Planner Map Center.


Hunters and anglers: Here are the current Forest Service fire closure areas (As of 9/25/2015 1:00pm MT). This a basic map graphic that we will periodically update. It's intended to give people an easy way to see if their hunting or fishing areas are blocked by fires or access closures. For the best available information, browse to Inciweb.