Unit 39 Over the Counter General Mule Deer Hunt

It was October 2014 and I was hunting unit 39 with Justin Denison. Justin and I had just killed a buck for him a few days prior and now it was my turn to get one. I was pretty discouraged because I missed a shot at a nice buck the same day Justin shot his. And with only a few days left in the general season I pretty much decided I would take anything with horns. We had hiked in while it was still dark and stopped on a hill right as first light was coming up.

Noxious weeds: a serious habitat threat

I've heard a lot about pesky weeds in Idaho over the years. However, I was surprised to read the statistics in a recent Post Register article picked up by the Spokesman-Review.

Many of Idaho's wildlife management plans have sections dedicated to weeds as a habitat threat. I know that I'll be looking for additional information so that I'm personally not inadvertently spreading noxious weeds. I'll start with Idaho Department of Agriculture's Noxious Weed Program.

Hunting with my Daughter

Monster Memories Rolling over in bed, I reached for my cell phone to see what time it was. You guessed it! I woke up before my cell phone alarm could sound, why you might ask? This particular day was extra special to me because it was the first hunting trip that my 5 year old daughter would accompany me on! It brought back the memory of the first sleepless night I had over 28 years ago, excited about my first hunt with my dad. At the ripe old age of 11, I had harvested a spike mule deer buck in the mountains only minutes from my hometown of Dixon, New Mexico.