Dean's bear

Dean Johnson killed this bear on a controlled hunt tag in Unit 32A while elk hunting. The bear approached and was killed with a bow at 9 yards

Anderson Ranch Fall Chinook - Sept. 2016

Comment in Fish Talk:  Had tons of fun catching Chinook out of Anderson Ranch this summer.  Are the initial plant of 35,000 spawning this year or next?

J. Michael K.



I've got good news and bad news for you.

First the good news:  This will probably be the first year that earlier plantings of fall Chinook will be maturing and attempting to spawn in the South Fork Boise River.  Fall Chinook have been stocked many times in Anderson Ranch Reservoir and maturing adults have never successfully reproduced in the South Fork Boise River or Fall Creek.  The fall Chinook population is totally supported through our hatchery stocking program.  There are currently 3 year- classes of fall Chinook in Anderson Ranch.


Now, the bad news: Fall Chinook are stocked in Anderson Ranch and other reservoirs around the state as a fish management tool to reduce over-abundant kokanee numbers.  They are a very efficient predators on kokanee.  The bad news is - they may have been too efficient because we observed very few kokanee spawning in the South Fork Boise River, this fall.  We probably won't stock fall Chinook in Anderson Ranch Reservoir in 2017.  The reduced numbers of kokanee remaining in Anderson Ranch may effect survival and the condition of fall Chinook remaining in the reservoir.  This will translate into fewer fall Chinook in the fishery, next year.

July 4th kokanee at lucky peak

I went evening fishing to lucky peak on the fourth. The crowd died down, and the fish were biting. I kept 3 kokanee that were between 14 and 15 inches. I caught and released one 6 inch Chinook. The trout were also biting near the surface. I caught and released 6 trout running 14 to 15 inches. At one point, I spent 20 minute chasing a fish with my boat. The kokanee rod bent over and a fish peeled off a 100 feet of line. Because of the kokanee soft mouths I ever so gently circled the boat over the running fish.