Dedicated Fishing Access Builders

Idaho Fish and Game staff are putting the finishing touches on improvements at Beaver Dick Park in eastern Idaho. Enhancements include replacement of the boat ramp, a new vault toilet, new docks and ADA improvements.

Our Engineering and construction crews work in all weather conditions to make sure access improvements are done as efficiently as possible. This service not only benefits anglers - but other outdoor recreationists, as well. If you enjoy recreating on lakes and rivers in Idaho and don't buy a hunting or fishing license - thank sportsmen and women across the state for giving you these facilities.

first elk

after a long uphill climb in the dark at 4 degrees we got above a heard heading for their day beds in the timber and was able to take this young cow.

My Best Elk To Date

This was the 4th bull my son and I saw in 15 minutes just after sunrise. The 1st was a big bull just as big or maybe a little bigger than this one. He was a long ways off with several cows in the open feeding. We wanted to get a better look at him, as we were going to a better place to spot we spotted a rag horn bull a few hundred yards below him. As we continued to our vantage point I pointed to some thick brush with a few pine trees to my son stating, "That's where I spooked a real decent bull that had light antlers and hide,." I had seperated him from his cows.

Stephanie Bearnson 2015 buck

My wife, kids and I drew out on unit 70 mule deer this year. We filled all but one of the tags. My wife filled hers from the truck on the fourth day of the hunt with her handicap permit. Harvesting her second buck in the last six years. My 16 year old daughter filled her tag with a week left of the hunt, harvesting her best buck yet. I filled my tag on Halloween night, the last day of the hunt with only 30 minutes of leagal shooting light left. Love hunting with my family in my home state of Idaho!