World Fish Migration Day - May 21, 2016

Did you ever stop to think about the journey fish make to keep their populations viable? Idaho's ocean-going salmon and steelhead journey 1,000's of miles, negotiate thousands of feet in elevation change and run a gauntlet of swimming, flying, fishing predators to return to Idaho - where they spawn and the cycle repeats. This is important not only for fish populations to survive, but it's also important on a broader scale because fish returning to Idaho headwater streams bring with them ocean nutrients which are important to Idaho ecosystems.

Even our local resident fish journey many miles and contribute to other wildlife and plant communities in ways we are only beginning to understand.

This Saturday is World Fish Migration Day. If you want to learn more, go to:  or to learn more.

First Archery Animal Ever 5 x 5

As a graduation present to my boys, I took both of them their senior year in high school to Idaho to bowhunt elk with me. This is my son Eric who is 17 and his first ever archery animal. He shot it in the same spot I shot my first elk, and I filmed the whole thing over his shoulder. You can see that smile on his face of getting it done!

Dierkies Lake - Twin Falls Area

Fishing Story submitted on Thursday, April 7, 2016 - 10:45 am

Don't doubt any body of water for a good place to fish.  Try a variety of lures and multiple techniques before you give up on a chance to land fish.  Dierkies lake is a small public lake that many people fish but don't know how to fish it.  There are very exceptional rainbow trout, bass, and bluegill to be caught and it is a very little fished body of water.  I have caught tagged fish and seen bigger and older fish that were over 10 lbs. with tags in Diekies lake.  Don't ever deny a body of water for good fishing until you've tried everything. -


Dp - Dierkies Lake is a fun spring fishery.  Located near Shoshone Falls above the Snake River, the lake is stocked with rainbow trout through May.  There are also self sustaining populations of largemouth bass and bluegill that can be caught on either bait or flies.  For more information - including stocking history, maps and fishing rules, visit our Fishing Planner at the bottom of the home page.

Happy girl!

Spent the day with the family glassing and walking. Doesn't get much better than that. Picking up a shed or two is just an added bonus!

6 Point Elk- Unit 75

Spotted this bull feeding towards cover with 8 cows. It was the 5th bull we spotted with in 30 minutes. It was the closest and the largest. My son range find him at 270 yards and we didn't have any more cover. I took a prone position and caught my breath, when he gave me a broad side shot I but the crosshairs on his vitals and shot. The 140 gr 7MM -08 slug hit him high but he went down but got up and started stumbling down the hill. I put one more slug in him and he was down for good. He is the biggest bull I have shot to date.

Hagerman Wildlife Management Area Fish Opener 2016

Under cloudy skies and warm temperatures the Hagerman Hatchery/Wildlife Management Area fishing season opened. After eliminating the carp from the pond in 2015 and restocking with rainbow trout - it was a popular spot to limber-up the pole and catch a trout.

Joe and the crew will restock the pond with rainbow trout once the opening day rush, subsides.