Happy girl!

Spent the day with the family glassing and walking. Doesn't get much better than that. Picking up a shed or two is just an added bonus!

6 Point Elk- Unit 75

Spotted this bull feeding towards cover with 8 cows. It was the 5th bull we spotted with in 30 minutes. It was the closest and the largest. My son range find him at 270 yards and we didn't have any more cover. I took a prone position and caught my breath, when he gave me a broad side shot I but the crosshairs on his vitals and shot. The 140 gr 7MM -08 slug hit him high but he went down but got up and started stumbling down the hill. I put one more slug in him and he was down for good. He is the biggest bull I have shot to date.

Hagerman Wildlife Management Area Fish Opener 2016

Under cloudy skies and warm temperatures the Hagerman Hatchery/Wildlife Management Area fishing season opened. After eliminating the carp from the pond in 2015 and restocking with rainbow trout - it was a popular spot to limber-up the pole and catch a trout.

Joe and the crew will restock the pond with rainbow trout once the opening day rush, subsides.

Dad's first Bear

My dad came up to Idaho from Colorado to hunt bears with me. He ended up scoring this huge sow the morning he was driving back to Colorado. Skull scored 18" and hide measured just over 6ft. Amazing bear with a great fur coat with no blemishes. We both had a great time!

Commission extends big game tag auction comment period

Idaho Fish and Game commissioners on Thursday 2/4, postponed a decision to offer big-game tags for auction until their March 9-11 meeting in Boise to allow more time for the public to comment on the proposal.

The extended comment period will close March 4th.

The comment period has reopened.
  1. Auction tag proposal document [PDF 92kb]
  2. Decision postponed, auction tag press release ( 2/4/16 )
  3. Original auction tag press release ( 1/29/16 )
  4. Comment on the proposal

Catch and release hound hunting

One of our bears we treed in fall season with the hound dogs. We as houndsman are blessed to live in the great state of idaho the hunting, management, and regulations are second to none and we do our part to keep it that way for future generations by shooting with a camera instead of a gun