First big buck

First big buck I have never got anything wider than 18" and that was a whitetail. this is what makes it all worth while when it finally comes together


After laying down in the wet grass getting snowed on for 2 hours found this nice elk. The teeth chattering paid off (cold)

Maycee Hartley first elk age 14

I put my daughter in for the early Diamond Creek elk hunt. She was lucky enough to draw this awesome tag. I already bow hunt this area, so I was able to scout for her while I hunted. Opening weekend was horrible weather. We hiked a ton and stuck it out through the rain and snow. I couldn't take her out of school for the whole hunt. We hunted the first three days and we're able to get close a couple times to some elk in some thick cover. She never was able to get a shot. We decided to go home and come back early the next weekend.

Logan's First Bear

My boy and I had been baiting for bear for a few weeks. We finally had a weekend to go up together and hunt over the bait. As we walked up to the bait we saw a bear print in the mud and Logan's face got huge. I am not sure if it was because the excitement or he was scared. He then looked at me and said "Dad, I am scared". I assured him that I would protect him and he would be fine. With his hands shaking so bad he couldn't carry his rifle, I reached out to carry his rifle for him and we continued on to the bait so we could check the trail cam.