Upper Salmon River Chinook Fishery Report (7/6/15)

Chinook angler effort was lower in all upper Salmon River location codes this past week, but catch rates remained good. Once again the majority of anglers were found in location code 19, near Stanley. Anglers near Stanley averaged 20 hours per Chinook caught and 42 hours per Chinook kept. Fewer anglers were observed fishing downstream of Ellis in location code 17, but those who did averaged 33 hours per Chinook caught and 47 hours per Chinook kept which were the best catch rates of season so far in the Ellis area. Currently, the Salmon River is flowing at 1,240 cfs through the town of Salmon which is 34% of average for today’s date. As of Sunday, July 5th, 700 hatchery adult Chinook had returned to the Sawtooth Fish Hatchery and as of Thursday, July 2nd, 914 hatchery adult Chinook had returned to the Pahsimeroi Hatchery. Additionally, on Thursday, July 2nd, 86 hatchery adult Chinook from the Pahsimeroi Hatchery were released at the 11-mile boat ramp to provide anglers a second chance at harvesting them. Salmon River location codes 18 and 19, from 100 yards upstream of the Pahsimeroi River to 100 yards downstream of the Sawtooth Fish Hatchery weir and trap, are now closed to the harvest of adult Chinook. The harvest of jack Chinook salmon, those under 24 inches, will continue until further notice. Anglers may harvest up to 4 adipose-clipped Chinook salmon under 24 inches per day and any salmon 24 inches or longer must be immediately released. Any anglers who harvest 4 jacks in a day or have 12 jacks in possession must discontinue fishing. - Brent Beller, Fisheries Technician, Salmon Region

Sawtooth hatchery closed to visitors through July 13, 2015 **Updated

The Sawtooth hatchery, near Stanley, Idaho is getting some updates.

New asphalt being placed requires us to close the hatchery to visitors starting now through July 13, 2015.


This closure includes the visitor center, the kid's fishing ponds, and the trap. 



You can also follow the Sawtooth hatchery on Facebook and see how things are going!


Happy 4th of July!! As of today, we have trapped 1,022 Chinook salmon. A total of 89 have been released to spawn...

Posted by Sawtooth Hatchery on Saturday, July 4, 2015

Rip'n lips on the South Fork of the Salmon River - Natalie Hodson

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." -Albert Einstein People think I'm crazy when I tell them what we do when we catch these salmon. We drive three hours into the back mountains of Idaho where there is no phone service, Internet signal, or running water. We set up tents and wake up at 3:30am when it's 40 degrees outside and hike for an hour through the forest to get to our off-road, secret fishing hole. We stand on the rocks bundled up in warm clothes and cast all day long in the hopes to hook one or two salmon all day long.

Noxious weeds: a serious habitat threat

I've heard a lot about pesky weeds in Idaho over the years. However, I was surprised to read the statistics in a recent Post Register article picked up by the Spokesman-Review.

Many of Idaho's wildlife management plans have sections dedicated to weeds as a habitat threat. I know that I'll be looking for additional information so that I'm personally not inadvertently spreading noxious weeds. I'll start with Idaho Department of Agriculture's Noxious Weed Program.

Tim`s Idaho Bull Elk

After waiting for 3 hours and watching 30 cow elk feeding on the hill side two bull elk findly showed them selfs one real nice 4x4 and this 6x6 I harvest. His 3rds are 45" across and his back scratchers are 19" long.