Dedicated Fishing Access Builders

Idaho Fish and Game staff are putting the finishing touches on improvements at Beaver Dick Park in eastern Idaho. Enhancements include replacement of the boat ramp, a new vault toilet, new docks and ADA improvements.

Our Engineering and construction crews work in all weather conditions to make sure access improvements are done as efficiently as possible. This service not only benefits anglers - but other outdoor recreationists, as well. If you enjoy recreating on lakes and rivers in Idaho and don't buy a hunting or fishing license - thank sportsmen and women across the state for giving you these facilities.

Upper Salmon River Steelhead Report (11/30/15)

Heavy slush ice made for difficult fishing conditions on the upper Salmon River this past week. Angler interviews were stopped after Tuesday due to the poor river conditions and low angler effort. On Monday and Tuesday interviewed anglers upstream of the Middle Fork in location code 15 averaged 18 hours per steelhead caught and 31 hours per steelhead kept. Anglers did not report catching any steelhead in location codes 14 or 16.  Check Harvest Report for more details.

The Salmon River is currently flowing at 970 cfs through the town of Salmon, which is 80% of average for today’s date. Water temperatures were in the lower 30s throughout the week.

This will be the last weekly summary report released for the fall 2015 steelhead season.  - Brent Beller,  Fisheries Technician, Salmon Region

Upper Salmon Steelhead Report (11/15/15)

With catch rates under 16 hours per fish in all location codes, steelhead fishing remained good this past week on the upper Salmon River. Angler effort was lower than the previous week but remained high for the middle of November. The majority of anglers fished downstream of North Fork in location codes 14 and 15, but an increase in angler effort upstream of Salmon was also observed. In location code 14, downstream of the Middle Fork, interviewed anglers averaged 8 hours per steelhead caught and 28 hours per steelhead kept. Upstream of the Middle Fork in location code 15, interviewed anglers averaged 13 hours per steelhead caught and 19 hours per steelhead kept. Upstream of North Fork, in location code 16, interviewed anglers averaged 8 hours per steelhead caught and 21 hours per steelhead kept. Interviewed anglers upstream of the Lemhi River in location code 17 averaged 15 hours per steelhead caught and 22 hours per steelhead kept.

The Salmon River is currently flowing at 1,270 cfs through the town of Salmon, which is 98% of average for today’s date. Throughout the week water temperatures were in the upper 30s with clear visibility. Check Harvest Report for details.   - Brent Beller, Fisheries Technician, Salmon Region


Video: Parachuting Beaver Short Found from 1950's

It wasn't exactly an unreleased Beatles tune or a missing Monet, but the much-talked-about film featuring parachuting beavers was recently rediscovered in Fish and Game's archives. The 1950s film "Fur for the Future" produced by the department highlighted Fish and Game's efforts to transplant muskrats, marten and beavers, which included parachuting beavers into the back-country.

Working with the Idaho Historical Society, we were able to find the film which was found in a mislabeled box.

The story about the missing film of parachuting beavers rippled through the Internet last year, and reached as far as a Swiss magazine article.

And, well, when you've got film with parachuting beavers, you've got a story, and here it is.

Idaho fire closure map update (9/25/2015) - Most "area" closures lifted

fire closure map 9/25

Most of Idaho's fire closure areas have been lifted. However, there are still many trail and road closures in some areas.

Areas that have been burned, and any additional, remaining closures are available in the Idaho Hunt Planner Map Center.


Hunters and anglers: Here are the current Forest Service fire closure areas (As of 9/25/2015 1:00pm MT). This a basic map graphic that we will periodically update. It's intended to give people an easy way to see if their hunting or fishing areas are blocked by fires or access closures. For the best available information, browse to Inciweb.