Connors bull moose

My 11 yr old Connor tried drawing for unit 6 bull moose for his first time ever. He not only was lucky enough to draw, but he was able to do it with his dad and grandfather present.

Be Careful Ice Fishing - January 2016

I recently observed pictures on social media of anglers ice fishing on Lake Lowell near Nampa. Anglers and other recreationists going out on the ice on lower elevation lakes, reservoirs and ponds need to be very careful and be prepared with safety equipment. Have 20'+ of rope, never go alone and maintain distance between yourself and other anglers. If someone falls through the ice - don't rush to the hole. Remain calm and assess your situation before moving. Before attempting a rescue - call for assistance. Spread your weight out on the ice by laying down or rolling to the bank or a safe distance from the hole.  Use a long stick, ladder or rope to assist anyone who's fallen through the ice to get back on top. If you've fallen through the ice, put both arms on the ice and kick like you are swimming. It is much easier to get back on the ice by kicking and pulling yourself forward with the help from a buddy holding a long stick or rope.

As temperatures start to warm, the edges of the ice can become unsafe. Pay attention to your surrounds because conditions can change rapidly.

Learn more about ice fishing in Idaho.

North Idaho First Ice Frenzy

These two seniors at Post Falls High school spent their entire winter break waiting for the first ice to form on area lakes and scored big when it came on with 18 flags and 5 northern pike, 6, 7, 8, 9 lb. fish which made for excellent winter table fare. Congrats Gentlemen and good luck the rest of the season!

Rebecca's crazy buck

Rebecca and I spent the afternoon sitting and watching the edges of a overgrown field. Despite the chilly breeze, the warm sunshine made rebecca drowsy. Suddenly a doe with a fine buck in tow, burst into view. The drowsy girl was instantly transformed into an alert huntress. One seventy yard shot from her Remington .243, dropped the buck. That was a wonderful evening for Father and Daughter.

Dedicated Fishing Access Builders

Idaho Fish and Game staff are putting the finishing touches on improvements at Beaver Dick Park in eastern Idaho. Enhancements include replacement of the boat ramp, a new vault toilet, new docks and ADA improvements.

Our Engineering and construction crews work in all weather conditions to make sure access improvements are done as efficiently as possible. This service not only benefits anglers - but other outdoor recreationists, as well. If you enjoy recreating on lakes and rivers in Idaho and don't buy a hunting or fishing license - thank sportsmen and women across the state for giving you these facilities.

First year hunter, Drew a moose tag, first harvest ever! I am hooked!!

I took Hunters safety in April and put in for my moose tag at the end of April. Was drawn for a tag as was my boyfriend Jeff. He harvested his moose the end of October. I won my rifle a 270 marlin at a fundraiser. I harvested my moose on November 9, which ironically is my son's football number and also the number that I won the rifle on. It was a perfect hunt. I am a first time hunter and this was my first ever harvest. I am hooked and can't wait to make more memories with my children, friends, family and my great guide and boyfriend Jeff.