Maintenance Work Begins on Winchester Lake - Could Last Through Summer 2016

It's not uncommon for a dam that's over 100 years old to require maintenance. Within the next few weeks Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game in cooperations with Idaho Parks and Recreation will be notifying anglers, park users and landowners that lake levels at Winchester Lake will be falling this spring so we can repair a safety siphon and excavate an explorative hole in front of the spillway. Findings from the test hole will dictate whether additional work is necessary. If more work is needed, the lake could remain drawn down from several weeks to the entire summer. All work is being coordinated with the Idaho Dept. of Water Resources and their Dam Safety experts.

There could also be traffic delays on State Highway 95 alternate Route to Winchester, Idaho.

Zerin is Paraplegic -pulls trigger with a rope with his mouth Moose area #2 near Spirit Lake

Zerin has long had a dream of shooting a moose- He was drawn this year and his success is much more than most folks, Having been paralyzed in an accident. Having no hands, little arm movement, and no legs, He still shot a moose from a wheelchair-pulling the trigger with a rope with his teeth.