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Oster Lakes - Hagerman Hatchery

Dear follow fisherman , I was fishing at the Hagerman Fish Hatchery Friday , May,30th with a young man just learning to fly fish we caught several fish on a zug bug. On the way out of the hatchery we lost a fly rod and reel. There is a $100 reward for the return of the rod call 431-6831. Thank you Doug

Wolverine Conservation Plan Live Chat

Your chance to weigh in or ask questions about Fish and Game's plan for wolverine conservation and protection is coming up.

Biologists will be available during a live web chat on Tuesday, June 3rd from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. MDT.


The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has released a draft Wolverine Conservation Plan for a 21-day public review and comment period through June 9th 2014. The web chat is designed to better inform anyone interested in wolverines, or the plan.

The wolverine is an icon of Idaho's high country and one of the Gem State's rarest mammals. About the size of a small bear cub, wolverines are members of the weasel family, which also includes mink, otter, and marten. In the southern extent of their North American range, wolverines occupy high-elevation alpine and subalpine habitats characterized by spring snow cover and cool summer temperatures.

The plan was developed to proactively lead state efforts to conserve and protect wolverine populations and the habitats they rely on to ensure their long-term viability in Idaho. The plan includes statewide wolverine status and distribution, factors affecting population and habitat, priority areas for conservation, and supporting actions to benefit wolverines in Idaho.

Anyone wanting to learn more about the plan or about wolverines in general can do so during the live chat on June 3rd from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. MDT, and 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. PDT. The draft plan will be considered for adoption by the Idaho Fish and Game Commission at the July 10 meeting in Salmon.





Dare to go to Idaho [CNN top 10 list]

Secrets of Idaho's beauty are becoming more rare as the state cracked a world-wide list of lesser-known or emerging travel spots. Idaho was listed 4 of 10, and is included with places like Mongolia, Malawi, Bolivia, and even outer space. 

Get your fishing license early to beat the rush and enjoy our wonderful Idaho.

Rapid River and Hells Canyon Chinook Harvest Estimate

Info for the third week in May.


Rapid River Run

Fishing on the Rapid River run was slow once again last week.  We started seeing some harvest and then flows increased and the water turned dirty, and basically shut the fishery down.  High flows and dirty water are suppose to occur at least through the weekend, so I don’t expect to see a lot of harvest this week on the Rapid River run.


Hells Canyon

Fishing below Hells Canyon Dam picked up last week with an estimated harvest of 57  adult fish and average catch rates of 19 hrs/fish.  Harvest of fish should pick up this week depending on flows.  Many fish are coming into the trap which we will close shortly to improve fishing below the dam.


Clearwater, Lower Salmon and Little Salmon Harvestable Quota

First of all, the run of fish headed to the Clearwater Water Region has mostly finished (97-99% complete) their migration over Bonneville Dam.  As such the projected harvest shares you see below won’t change much until we can get a final assessment of their survival as they migrate upriver to Idaho.

Clearwater River Run

Fishing in the lower Clearwater (downstream of Cherrlylane Bridge) remained constant last week (16/hrs), but fishing effort increased which resulted in a boost in harvest (see table below).  As hopefully most of read last week, due to this increase in harvest we were forced to quickly close adult harvest down on this section of river.  Catch rates in the remaining river sections were low (23-53 hrs/fish) for the week especially since just as the fish were moving upriver high flows and debris made fishing difficult.  Flows have dropped down a bit recently in the Clearwater River, but are predicted to pick up again later this week which may continue to make fishing difficult.  As you can tell from the Clearwater River harvest table below, we overshot our harvest goal for the lower river.  At this point we will paly it by ear on where/how to make up this for this overharvest.  In past years when high flows lasted for extended periods of times, there were certain reaches of river that never reached their harvest quotas.  If that happens this year, these river reaches could absorb this extra harvest and still not close early.  As the season progresses, we’ll let you know what appears to be the best strategy so as to have the least influence on closing other fisheries early.


C.J. Strike - May 15

CJ Strike 5/15 - Took a friend fishing friday. Spent the first 4 hours catching mostly keeper bass on spinnerbaits. Caught some pretty nice fish. Around 2 pm switched over to jigs. Pretty much everywhere we tried we caught a combination of crappie, bluegill, and perch. I had a double jig setup, and I was regularly pulling in doubles. My buddy had a great time. No craw dad's in my craw dad traps though. Must need to get a little bit warmer. - crappyslayer

dparrish - had a report of a 19" crappie caught in Strike last weekend.  Sounds like a fish story but there is supposed to be a picture.  Stay tuned.