typical North Idaho buck

It was just a beautiful cold, sunny day in the north woods. A weather front was predicted to arrive that evening and the deer were feeding in the early afternoon. This buck appeared in the field and gave me a good shot at 217 yards and is now in my freezer. It is a great time to be alive and able to experience this time of year.

Dedicated Fishing Access Builders

Idaho Fish and Game staff are putting the finishing touches on improvements at Beaver Dick Park in eastern Idaho. Enhancements include replacement of the boat ramp, a new vault toilet, new docks and ADA improvements.

Our Engineering and construction crews work in all weather conditions to make sure access improvements are done as efficiently as possible. This service not only benefits anglers - but other outdoor recreationists, as well. If you enjoy recreating on lakes and rivers in Idaho and don't buy a hunting or fishing license - thank sportsmen and women across the state for giving you these facilities.

Clearwater Steelhead Fishing Report (11/30/15)

This past week fishing was slow in most areas. River section 03 (mouth of the Clearwater to Memorial Bridge) had catch rates of 8 hours a fish and river section 02 (Salmon R. to Hells Canyon Dam) was at 10 hours a fish. River section 04 on the Clearwater (upstream from Orofino Bridge) has ice over the river between the Zans boat ramp and 5 mile ramp. Anglers that fished on the North Fork reported slow fishing. One of the big comments is that the water is too clear. Anglers that used orange beads, orange headed jigs with pink hackle, or plugs have reported the most success. Check Harvest Report for more details. - Jaime Robertson, Senior Fisheries Technician, Clearwater Region

Clearwater Steelhead Fishing Report (11/16/15)

Steelhead catch rates on the Clearwater River this past week were good with 10 hours or less to catch. We are starting to document more anglers fishing above Orofino Bridge and we documented catch on the South Fork of the Clearwater. The Salmon River documented 18 hours or less to catch and the Snake River documented 18 or less as well. There are still quite a few people fishing up by Heller Bar on river section 01 of the Snake. Anglers reported that overall the catch rates have been pretty good in that area and are happy with the fishing. Anglers are drifting eggs, floating bobbers, jig with shrimp, bottom bouncing, and back trolling. Check Harvest Report for details.  - Jaime Robertson, Senior fisheries Technician, Clearwater Region

Video: Conservation officer frees buck

In August, Conservation Officer John McLain received a call about an entangled buck near Orofino. Finding the buck, he turned on his body-mounted camera and thought, “this might be a video of me getting my butt kicked, or it might turn out alright.”

Once freed, the deer remained on the ground for a few seconds, then bound away and appeared uninjured by the experience.

For the whole story, read the press release: Conservation Officer Frees Buck And Video Goes Viral.

Don't try this at home.

Video: How SAFE habitat benefits wildlife

This video is a short overview of how the State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement (SAFE) program can help landowners produce and attract more wildlife to their properties. Wildlife Biologist Andrew Mackey talks about the importance of diversity and structure in CRP fields.

For more information about Wildlife Habitat Improvement in Idaho, ask for your regional Habitat Biologist.

Video: Parachuting Beaver Short Found from 1950's

It wasn't exactly an unreleased Beatles tune or a missing Monet, but the much-talked-about film featuring parachuting beavers was recently rediscovered in Fish and Game's archives. The 1950s film "Fur for the Future" produced by the department highlighted Fish and Game's efforts to transplant muskrats, marten and beavers, which included parachuting beavers into the back-country.

Working with the Idaho Historical Society, we were able to find the film which was found in a mislabeled box.

The story about the missing film of parachuting beavers rippled through the Internet last year, and reached as far as a Swiss magazine article.

And, well, when you've got film with parachuting beavers, you've got a story, and here it is.