Quentin Millage, age 10. First black bear, Clearwater National Forest.

I took my son out after his first bear, just a few days after his 10th birthday. We'd worked on setting baits the previous weekend and as luck would have it this nice boar came in within 20 minutes of us arriving to hunt. Quentin made a great 40 yard shot and the bear only went a few yards. His brother who took his first bear last spring was along to help pack it out. The evening was capped off by skinning it with a wild thunderstorm rolling in.

World Fish Migration Day - May 21, 2016

Did you ever stop to think about the journey fish make to keep their populations viable? Idaho's ocean-going salmon and steelhead journey 1,000's of miles, negotiate thousands of feet in elevation change and run a gauntlet of swimming, flying, fishing predators to return to Idaho - where they spawn and the cycle repeats. This is important not only for fish populations to survive, but it's also important on a broader scale because fish returning to Idaho headwater streams bring with them ocean nutrients which are important to Idaho ecosystems.

Even our local resident fish journey many miles and contribute to other wildlife and plant communities in ways we are only beginning to understand.

This Saturday is World Fish Migration Day. If you want to learn more, go to:  or to learn more.

Clearwater Steelhead Report (4/11/16)

Fishing effort on the Clearwater river has continued to drop; the mainstem had very little activity. The North Fork of the Clearwater had more effort but Dworshack Dam has been releasing water which has increased the flows pushing fish out of the system making it difficult for anglers to catch anything. The South Fork of the Clearwater main effort consisted of beads and jigs with variations of fluorescent colors for the jigs and orange being the dominant color for the beads. The Little Salmon continues to use yarn and beads using red, and orange as the main colors both of which has resulted in harvested fish. Check Harvest Report for more details.  - Ryan Allen, Clearwater Region Fisheries Technician

Idaho 2015

Buck was harvested on Nov. 20th. 2016 Dry Scored 173 1/8"" 15 points Non-Typical.

Steelhead Fishing on the Clearwater (3/13/16)

Greetings, Activity on the main stem of the Clearwater has begun to dwindle with the majority of the effort taking place on the North Fork of the Clearwater. River conditions on the South Fork of the Clearwater has concentrated effort to the upper end near Mount Idaho. The intensity of the flows in the upper areas results in many fish being hooked but are quickly lost due to the flows. The fish that are landed and harvested have been caught by drifting beads mainly with a few anglers using yarn either green or orange being the hot colors. Jigs are still in use but very few with white being the dominant color along with green and yellow. - Ryan Allen, Fisheries Technician, Clearwater Region

Clearwater Steelhead Report (2/22/16)

The Clearwater River has started to see effort drop off on the main stem of the river ( Mouth to Orofino Bridge/river section 03). Anglers fishing in this section of the river are predominantly around the Orofino area fishing the Magill Hole, Pole Yard, and Slaughter House.  The North Fork of the Clearwater (River sect. 05)  is still seeing a high amount of effort. Anglers fishing in this area are predominantly bobber fishing and they are using black/white, pink, and purple jigs with shrimp or scent. Effort has increased on the South Fork of the Clearwater (river sect. 07) and had good catch rates at just 9 hours a fish. The flows of the South Fork are supposed to increase by this weekend though so catch rates and effort may drop off. River section 04 is seeing most anglers fishing from Button Beach up to the Kooskia Bridge. Most anglers are fishing down from the bridge at the Mill hole.

The Salmon River saw effort in river sections 10 thru13 and 20. Most of the anglers are fishing right around Riggins in river section 12.

The North Fork of the Clearwater and River sect. 02 of the Snake River are the only stretches that report clear water. Everywhere else the water was pretty cloudy.

- Jaime Robertson, Senior Fisheries Technician,Clearwater Region