Attend Public Meetings on 2016 Chinook Salmon Fisheries

Joe DuPont, Clearwater Fisheries Manager, encourages anglers to join the discussion on how to manage this year's Chinook Salmon fisheries. The public meeting is in Lewiston on February 24, 2016. Meetings are also being held in Orofino on February 22 and Riggins on February 23.  Check the press release for more details.

Clearwater Steelhead Fishing Report (2/11/16)

Most angling effort by boats on the main stem of the Clearwater is from Peck to just above the Ahsahka  boat ramp. The majority of the shore effort is in the same area but we are seeing an increase in effort by fly anglers from Cherry Lane Ramp to Lenore. Anglers are using orange/pink beads, jigs, or roe. This past week we only interviewed 31 anglers on the North Fork due to survey limitations. However, effort was high on Saturday with over 60 anglers fishing. Most of the anglers that came through the check station were not successful because the fish were just not biting and seemed to be stacking up by the bridge. - Jaime Robertson, Senior Fisheries Technician, Clearwater Region

Commission extends big game tag auction comment period

Idaho Fish and Game commissioners on Thursday 2/4, postponed a decision to offer big-game tags for auction until their March 9-11 meeting in Boise to allow more time for the public to comment on the proposal.

The extended comment period will close March 4th.

The comment period has reopened.
  1. Auction tag proposal document [PDF 92kb]
  2. Decision postponed, auction tag press release ( 2/4/16 )
  3. Original auction tag press release ( 1/29/16 )
  4. Comment on the proposal

Thank you Idaho for a very memorable trip.

I would like to thank the Idaho Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the people of Idaho for allowing disabled veterans to come to your great state and experience the outdoor opportunities available. Idaho is one of only a few states that extend their hospitality to and honor our nation’s disabled veterans with low cost licenses and permits, no matter the state they are from. With the help of great friends and family members I was able to fill my hunting and fishing tags during my week long stay. I couldn’t have done it with their help and Idaho’s disabled veteran program. Thank you.

Be Careful Ice Fishing - January 2016

I recently observed pictures on social media of anglers ice fishing on Lake Lowell near Nampa. Anglers and other recreationists going out on the ice on lower elevation lakes, reservoirs and ponds need to be very careful and be prepared with safety equipment. Have 20'+ of rope, never go alone and maintain distance between yourself and other anglers. If someone falls through the ice - don't rush to the hole. Remain calm and assess your situation before moving. Before attempting a rescue - call for assistance. Spread your weight out on the ice by laying down or rolling to the bank or a safe distance from the hole.  Use a long stick, ladder or rope to assist anyone who's fallen through the ice to get back on top. If you've fallen through the ice, put both arms on the ice and kick like you are swimming. It is much easier to get back on the ice by kicking and pulling yourself forward with the help from a buddy holding a long stick or rope.

As temperatures start to warm, the edges of the ice can become unsafe. Pay attention to your surrounds because conditions can change rapidly.

Learn more about ice fishing in Idaho.

Clearwater Steelhead Report (1/4/16)

The cold weather has parts of the Clearwater River icing over on the main stem around Myrtle and then by the Ahsahka check station site. Many anglers are coming out to fish during the afternoon hours to avoid the colder temperatures. Catch rates for both river section 03 and 05 were good this past week at 8hrs a fish. Check Harvest Report for more details. - Jaime Robertson, Senior Fisheries Technician, Clearwater Regino

Clearwater Steelhead Fishing Report (12/28/15)

The Clearwater River had good catch rates this past week. From the mouth of the Clearwater to Orofino Bridge catch rates were at 3hrs/fish. Effort is low, but anglers are still catching fish. River section 04 above Orofino Bridge is running free of ice and the river clarity is clear. - Jaime Robertson, Senior Fisheries Technician, Clearwater Region