First Elk

My first draw tag!! And first Elk non typical 8x9 shot him at 365 yards

6x6 bull elk

this bull was harvested 200 yards from camp at dusk. i was in the tree line between an upper and lower meadow. i had fallen asleep and stood up looking at the lower meadow. i decided to head for camp and turned around. in front of me, broad side about 100 yards in the upper meadow stood this monster. i at first thought i was hallucinating as i thought these big boys were always in the steep thick hard to get to areas. my scope was on 4 power and when i placed it below his right shoulder, all i saw was hair.

First goose hunt

Avery shot her limit of geese on her first waterfowl hunt while hunting with her dad Sean Literal. Thanks IDFG for the youth opportunities!