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A: Our recipricol agreement with other states allows you to trap for a species in Idaho so long as your state allows nonresidents to trap for the same species in your state.  If Michigan allows NR trappers to trap bobcat then you can trap bobcats in Idaho.  The limit would be what your state allows ...
A: I want to thank you for taking the time to write about the tag and permit fees paid by those holding senior licenses.  The Department of Fish and Game does not receive any financial support from the state’s general fund. Therefore, the funding for Idaho’s fish and wildlife programs comes solely ...
A: A resident may use an elk or deer tag on a wolf, bear or mountain lion only if it is a RES-NONRES TAG.  This would be a general season nonresident tag purchased as a second tag on or after August 1st.   Both elk or dear and other species must both be in season.
A: You can purchase multiple wolf tags at a time.  Hunters may buy up to five gray wolf hunting tags per calendar year. Certified wolf trappers may buy up to five gray wolf trapping tags per trapping season for use in those zones with an open trapping season. For more information about wolf hunting, ...
A: Hi, Basically, we use radio-collared individuals, DNA surveys, and direct observations to document as many wolf packs as we can.  Then, during mid-winter, we fly the radio-collared packs and directly observe the number of wovles in those packs.  Multiplying the number of packs documented times the ...
A: Road killed big game animals may only be used as bait for wolf trapping.  No other animals may be baited with road killed big game.
A: As a hunter you can purchase 5 wolf tags per calendar year (January 1 through December 31).  As long as you have taken the required wolf trapping class and have a trapping license, you can purchase 5 wolf trapping tags per trapping year (July 1 through June 30).  This could result in the purchase ...
A: An adult nonresident elk tag may be used to harvest an elk, bear, mountain lion or gray wolf if  a season is open for that species where and when the elk tag is valid. It cannot be used to harvest a deer. Hunters can purchase an adult nonresident general season elk tag as a second tag as long as ...
A: Pet/Domestic wolves are usually not pure wolf.  They may be close in heritage to thier wild cousins but usually show some sign of domestic dog. The permit is to allow personnel to identify domestic wolves from wild wolves, if they show all primary wolf characteristics and no domestic dog ...
A: Thanks for the questions.  Question 1) will I ever get the report?  We will make an interim and final report available online on our website when they are completed.  It takes a long time to organize the hair, send to UI lab for analysis, anlyze the data, and write a final report.  However, we are ...