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A: The Department does not maintain a record book for wild turkeys.  Records are maintained by the National Wild Turkey Federation.  Check out their records page at:
A: We currently have no plans to release turkeys in Unit 39.  The SW Region is developing a turkey managemet plan to guide decisions such as where and when and why to translocate turkeys.  The previous turkey releases have not faired well as the winters of 2008 and 2010 were hard on turkeys.  And the ...
A: We used to have fall turkey season in Unit 39 from late 1990’s until 2006.  Our spring harvest began declining in about 2003, as did our fall harvest in many of the units.  We eliminated fall hunting season in fall 2006 to reduce the take of female turkeys, in hopes of increasing the populations ...
A: IDFG information on Big Game Winter Feeding   The only legal restriction on feeding Big Game is in eastern Idaho. The Idaho State Department of Agriculture has rules which prohibit the feeding of Big Game in certain counties in Eastern ...
A: There are several nonresident license options: If you are also hunting big game, you can get a combination hunting/fishing license for $240.00 or a hunting license for $154.75. If you are only going to hunt turkeys and other small game, you can get a small game hunting license for $97.75.  If you ...
A: No. No person shall take upland game birds [including turkeys]: - From one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise. Upland game shall not be taken before 10 a.m. on Fort Boise, C.J. Strike, Montour and Payette River WMAs, during the pheasant season. Turkeys shall not be taken from ...
A: Lawful Methods of Take Upland Game Birds   To take upland game birds in Idaho, all hunters may use a bow, muzzleloader shooting shot or shotgun with lead or steel shot with shells not exceeding 3 ½ inches in length. Shotguns are not required to be plugged when hunting upland game birds.   ...
A: The daily bag limit is one bearded turkey per day in the spring and one turkey (either sex) per day in the fall, except in Units, 1, 2, 3 and 5 where 5 turkeys (either sex) may be taken in a day during fall seasons. No more than two bearded turkeys may be taken per spring. The most tags one hunter ...
A: The archery permit is only required for big game hunting, not turkey hunting.
A: Like many upland game birds, there can be dramatic annual variation in the population size.  The Department is unaware of any disease issues with wild turkeys.  There has been a documented decline in turkeys in the southwest part of the state, but we believe that has been a result of harsh winter ...
A: The archery permit is not required to hunt turkeys.  The permit and the requirement for either education or experience applies to big game hunting only.
A: A fishing license is required for anglers 14 and older. A hunting license is available for youth at 10 years old (they can hunt for varmints, turkeys, small game and waterfowl).  At 12 a hunter can hunt for big game.  They must be able to provide that they have passed hunter education.
A: You do not need to take Bowhunter education to hunt in a general any weapon season, only for archery only seasons.  You also do not need to get an archery permit for general hunt, only archery only hunts.  However, you need to show proof that you have completed a hunter ed course if you were born ...
A: Yes.  Expandable broadheads are allowed for any game animal except big game.
A: You only need an archery permit to hunt during an archery-only season. There are no "archery-only" turkey hunts, just general and controlled hunts.   To hunt turkeys with a bow during a general season, you need 2 items:  a turkey tag and a valid nonresident license (3 license options: 1.  Hunting ...
A: The short answer is no. From the Idaho Administrative Procedures Act: 300.UPLAND GAME BIRD METHODS OF TAKE. 01. Taking of Upland Game Birds. No person shall take upland game birds:   With a trap, snare, net, crossbow, or firearms EXCEPT a shotgun using shells not exceeding three and one-half (3-1/ ...
A: Battery operated sights, including those made by Eotech, are legal to hunt turkeys with in Idaho.  However, if the sight casts a light, including laser light, it is not legal to hunt with.
A: You can use a shotgun with shells not exceeding 3 1/2 inches maximum length for turkeys: No person shall take upland game birds: • With a trap, snare, net, crossbow, slingshot, hand-held or thrown missiles, firearms except a shotgun using shells not exceeding 3 ½ inches maximum length, except ...
A: Please check the Hunter Passport information on our website, paying attention to the questions/answers at the bottom of the page ( The key is the age.  At ten, holders of the hunting passport can hunt turkeys and varmints, upland game ...
A: Each turkey tag can only be used for one turkey.  You must purchase another tag if you want to harvest another turkey.
A: Turkey distribution in Unit 73 is patchy and linked to available forage and water, which may vary from year to year.  A good place to start hunting for turkey in this unit may be the Malad face near a couple of feed lots south of Malad.  Turkeys have also been observed near Weston Reseroir and ...
A: No...the bag and possession limits for turkeys state that: The daily bag limit is one bearded turkey per day in the spring and one turkey (either sex) per day in the fall, except in Units, 1, 2, 3 and 5 where 5 turkeys (either sex) may be taken in a day during fall seasons. No more than two ...
A: Yes. You can use an extra turkey tag for the fall hunt.
A: Yes, you can still hunt chukars during the first five days of the pheasant season.  The code only specifies pheasant.  Here is a copied and pasted section from 36-407: (e)  Nonresident Small Game Hunting License. A license issued only to a person twelve (12) years of age or older, entitling the ...
A: Hi Jack, I can answer one of those species pretty simply - there are no pheasants that I know of on Red Ridge. However, it is likely that there are grouse - perhaps blue (now called dusky) grouse and/or ruffed grouse.  There may be cottontails, although snowshoe hares are likely more common.  And ...
A: There is nothing in Idaho Fish and Game code or rule that prohibits the feeding of games birds.  However, it is prohibited by rule to hunt upland game birds by use of bait, which is defined as "any substance placed to attract upland game birds".  Also, keep in mind that overcrowding issues can ...
A: All of Idaho Fish and Game’s wildlife harvest statistics are estimated from surveys of hunters. We get the most questions about deer or elk. I think this is what you are asking about. For deer, elk, and pronghorn, each hunter is required to fill out a Hunter Report form, either online or by phone ...
A: Idaho Fish and Game does not have an upland game permit at this time. To hunt turkeys you will need the appropriate hunting license and the appropriate turkey tag and if drawn in a controlled hunt the controlled turkey permit.
A: You are correct.  Turkey can not lawfully be hunted with a .22 LR.  On page 18 of the Upland Game, Furbearer and Turkey Regulation Brochure it lists  some of the rules that apply to the hunting of upland game birds.  Turkeys are classified as an upland game bird.  The only firearm that is allowed ...
A: Turkeys are classified as an upland game bird. Turkeys can not be hunted with a crossbow.  
A: Your question may be better answered by the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office.  Their general phone number is 208 446-1300.  Fish and game laws in Idaho are silent on the subject of shooting from the deck of your home.
A: Good question.  Page 18 of the upland bird regulations lists unlawful methods of take for Upland game birds-- and a crossbow is an unlawful method of take, so it would not be legal.  Shotguns are legal during turkey hunts and would give you some options for hunting on your property.  Good Luck ...
A: Yes, several WMAs have turkeys.  Two of the better known WMAs include Craig Mt. WMA and Cecil Andrus, but they also occur on Fort Boise, Boise River, and in eastern Idaho.  Depending on where you live you may be able to find turkeys on WMAs.  You can call the local regional office to get more ...
A: There is no minimum draw weight for bows when using archery equipment to hunt turkeys.  Also, there are no restrictions on the type of broadhead that may be used.  For example, expandable broadheads are legal for the taking of turkeys. 
A: Lighted bow sights would be legal when hunting turkeys.  Prohibition of lighted sights only applies to the hunting of big game.
A: Yes they are legal for turkeys but not for big game.  So you must be careful if there is a big game season occuring while you are hunting turkeys because you could be in violation if you are also hunting big game.
A: Yes, it is possible. There is a fairly healthy population of wild turkeys along the Boise River corridor from Eagle to where the Boise River joins the Snake River. It is fairly common for Fish and Game to receive sightings from the Eagle area. Occasionally, Fish and Game even receives observations ...