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A: Assuming you are interested in using a bow or spear to catch fish; here are the details: Spear Fishing in Idaho You must have an Idaho fishing license if you are 14 or over. Archery and Spear Fishing is defined as: Fishing with a bow and... Read more
A: You have a lot of great questions!  Please contact the Magic Valley Region office to talk to the Fisheries Department there about your questions.  The number is 208-324-4359.  
A: No other permit is required.  More information: Spear Fishing in IdahoArchery and Spear Fishing is defined as: Fishing with a bow and arrow, crossbow, spear or mechanical device, excluding firearms. This type of fishing is permitted only... Read more
A: The daily bag limit for trout on C.J. Strike Reservoir is 6 fish per day.  You can keep all the yellow perch, crappie, and catfish that you can catch.
A: October can be one of the best times to fish in the Salmon Region. Steelhead are starting to show up in the Salmon River, with anglers having the best luck downstream from the town of Salmon, ID. Anglers may also catch rainbow trout,... Read more
A: We don't clip the adipose fin on hatchery produced rainbow trout unless they are part of a research project. We do clip the adipose fin on hatchery produced anadromous (ocean-going) salmon and steelhead raised in our hatchery system. ... Read more
A: Sometimes in our zeal to manage these popular fish, we look past the fact that kokanee are a land-locked sockeye salmon and are not native to most lakes in Idaho.  The only exceptions are a couple of lakes in the Stanley Basin and Warm... Read more
A: Yes, except when fishing for Chinook salmon (ocean-going), steelhead, or when fishing on Henrys Lake.  Just be aware, if you hook a fish and cause mortality after reaching your bag limit, you could be cited for an over-limit.
A: Because current rules do not allow you to spear game fish. IDAPA rule says,   201.FISHING METHODS AND GEAR. Unless modified by a regional exception, the following fishing methods and restrictions are applicable in all... Read more
A: Ice fishing for Lake Trout can be great on Cavenaugh Bay, but it's not every year we get ice.  Unfortunately, there's not enough ice this year. 
A: In Daniels Reservoir, you can have up to 5 hooks per line.  So, if you are fishing with one line, you can have up to 5 jigs attached.  All must be barbless and you can still only keep 2 trout over 20".   F08
A: There is a very slim chance a kokanee could have flushed out of the Boise or Payette River system and was caught in Brownlee - but it's highly unlikely.  What you are probably seeing are silvery-looking rainbow trout.  Brownlee is a very... Read more
A: The rule that requires heads and tails to remain attached (and that means to the fish fillets). The rule is specific to trout, tiger muskie and bass. The rule insures special size limits, bag limits, and specie identification is easily... Read more
A: We did reduce stocking in Lake Walcott in 2013.  There are a couple of reasons:   First, the price of fish feed has increase almost 80% over the past 5 years.  This has caused us to reduce production in our hatcheries and focus the... Read more
A: Mountain lakes are harsh (cold), sterile environments and only a few fish species will survive - and even less, thrive.  Temperatures alone eliminate survival of all warm and coolwater fish such as bass, bluegill, catfish, and crappie. In... Read more
A: First, I apologize for our agency not answering your questions in a timely fashion.  That's poor customer service and I'm truly sorry.  We are working to do a better job and I guarantee we'll do better in the future.   Now for the good... Read more
A: Your question's answer is available here:  
A: Hayspur strain rainbow trout typically are between 3 - 5 lbs.  at maturity.  With that said, if forage is good and conditions are right, you could see an 8 - 10 lb. rainbow trout from the Hayspur stock. F08
A: No Gerrard rainbow trout have been stocked in Hayden Lake.  The latest rainbow trout stocked in that waterbody are a Hayspur strain of rainbow trout from our south Idaho spawning brood stock.
A: Steelhead are defined as "rainbow trout that are over 20" in length."  Only hatchery produced steelhead (missing adipose fin) can be harvested during an open season.  If they are over 20", missing their adipose fin, with an open season,... Read more
A: Our agency used to remove many beaver dams by use of explosives, but now only remove dams for very specific conditions.  Once of those conditions is when Idaho Dept. of Water Resources demonstrates that downstream water rights are being... Read more
A: Yes, we stock mountain lakes in wilderness areas.  We have a specific agreement with the Forest Service that allows us to stock mountain lakes by the same means and with the same species of fish as before wilderness designation was... Read more
A: Ok, if the Idaho Fish and Game Commission sets a season for ocean-going Chinook salmon, Chinook that are over 24" in length and missing their adipose fin are considered "adults" and must be recorded on your Salmon Permit.  Ocean-going... Read more
A: I don't know what you consider a "problem," but bull trout appear to be doing fine in Idaho.  Redd (spawning) counts and trend fish sampling locations from throughout the state continue to demonstrate stable to increasing populations.  ... Read more
A: Yes, a reward is still being paid for the harvest of lake trout from Lake Pend Oreille.  Contact our Coeur d'Alene office at 208-769-1414 for more details.  Funding for the program is being provided by Avista Power as part of their Lake... Read more