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A: It is illegal to hunt Big Game in Idaho with an air rifle. the pertinent section of IDAPA is below: IDAPA 410.UNLAWFUL METHODS OF TAKE. No person shall take big game animals as outlined in this section. .05 Other d. With any net, snare, trap, chemical, deadfall or device other than ...
A: No you do not.  Thanks for asking!
A: Thank you for your question. Trapping licenses were required in the 1980's. Unfortunately we do not have license purchase history for the 1980's.
A: Rat poison is very lethal and there are restrictions and guidelines for its use.  Rat poison does not only kill rats but everything that injests it including dogs, cats, squirrels, birds that eat squirrels, raccoons, skunks, deer, songbirds, and anything else that might injest the pellets.  Your ...
A: Bobcats are classified as a furbearing animal.  Furbearers include bobcat, fox, marten, mink, muskrat, beaver, otter, lynx, fisher, and badger.  Of these, lynx and fisher are fully protected with no legal harvest, and otters have a quota.  Lynx are listed as threatened and wolverine are listed as ...