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A: It depends on the unit.  You will need to consult the 2012 Big Game Regulations for what is allowable in the unit where you will be hunting.   In most cases, a youth can harvest an antlered or antlerless.   Same goes for species on the... Read more
A: A general regular deer tag or general whitetail deer tag is not unit specific.  If you hold a regular deer tag, you would need to follow the seasons under the Regular Deer General season section of the Big Game Regulations (check the... Read more
A: Any person who transports any wildlife for another or receives any wildlife for cleaning, processing, as a gift, or for strorage must have a written Proxy Statement signed by the taker of the animal showing the name, address, and license... Read more
A: I'm not sure how to help you. You may have missed a step.  Do you see something that resembles the below in a yellow box? Click this link to print your CE-51 form for this salvage If not, please leave your phone number or contact your... Read more
A: No, it doesn't. 
A: If they are children they can accompany you but at this time they cannot hunt without taking hunter education and possessing a license and tag.  Ten and eleven year olds with hunter education can buy a hunting license and hunt for small... Read more
A: Mandatory Check and Report Requirements for Moose   Antlers must be presented at Idaho Fish and Game regional offices or official check point or to a conservation officer within 10 days of the date of the kill. Fish and Game headquarters... Read more
A: Hunters and anyone else heading into the backcountry are advised to check with Forest Service ranger district offices or county sheriffs’ offices in their hunt area before heading out. Fire updates can be found online at: http://www.... Read more
A: Black bears are found all over eastern Idaho and now grizzlies are in many areas too, so planning ahead to carry bear spray is a wise choice!  Unfortunately, IDFG cannot make product recommendations, but we can tell you what to look for... Read more
A: A valid hunting license is all that is required.
A: Yes.  The tag is valid through December 31 of the year purchased.  The youth can still hunt with it after they turn 18.
A: You can get a duplicate tag from any Fish and Game office.  They are listed on our website in the "About Us" section.  If you want to do it by mail, please contact our License Department at 208-334-2592 for a copy of the duplicate tag... Read more
A: You can exchange any tag as long the season has not opened for the tag you have.  The Salmon B tag season hasn't opened yet so it can be exchanged.  You can make the exchange at any Fish and Game office (listed online in the "About  Us"... Read more
A: Early in the year some tags are made available for outfitters to purchase for their clients.  They are held out for the outfitters until specific dates.  At that time, any tags not going to outfitters go back into the general nonresident... Read more
A: Some of the quota tags are made available to outfitters for their clients until August 31.  On September 1 those tags are moved into the general quota and they are available for anyone to purchase.  That increases the number of tags... Read more
A: If the season has not opened yet, your tag can be exchanged at a Fish and Game office or by mail.  Our offices are listed on our website under "About Us".
A: Early in the year some tags are made available for outfitters to purchase for their clients. They are held out for the outfitters to purchase for their clients until specific dates (July 31 or August 30). At that time, any tags not ... Read more
A: Yes, he can.  That is only for youth hunters.
A: Check the rules book for the unit you are in.  If you have a regular tag and the rules don't limit you to harvesting mule deer only, you can use the regular (what you are referring to as "general") tag to harvest a mule deer or a... Read more
A: No, the license you purchase to buy your deer tag also covers upland game hunting.
A: Several years ago, evidence of sex rules were specific to the hunt.  In other words, in an either-sex hunt there was no requirement for evidence of sex; while in sex-specific hunts there was the requirement.  Depending on the year, and... Read more
A: Yes, you can carry both weapons while you are hunting.
A:   The Idaho Fish and Game Commission has seriously considered point systems in the past, most recently in 2005 and 2010.  In 2005, the Commission adopted a point system contingent on the Idaho Legislature passing a law that allowed the... Read more
A: No; you would have to purchase a regular  nonresident leftover tag to use as a second tag.  The cost would be $301.75.
A: Yes and no.  Idaho code created a Commercial Steelhead Buyers license that allows an individual to buy and sell legally caught, hatchery produced, steelhead.  The same provision was not made for Chinook salmon.  Hence, yes - you can have... Read more