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A: Our deer tags are not sold for a particular weapon usage.  You can hunt the early Archery Season, and, if you don't harvest, you can hunt the Any Weapon Season.  To hunt the Archery Only, you are required to purchase the Archery Permit.  If you were to harvest in the Archery Season and wish to ...
A: Muzzleloading rifles are considered primitive weapons and hunters choosing to hunt muzzleloader only seasons are often able to take advantage of special opportunities not available to modern center fire rifle hunters.  To maintain the primitive nature of the sport, Idaho has limited some ...
A: First, a very good and timely question.  As you know, the either-sex portion of the general elk season was eliminated several years ago in the Panhandle, primarily due to low calf:cow ratios that were observed during our winter helicopter surveys.  This was especially true in Units 4, 6, and 7.  ...
A: The short range weapon restriction is for big game hunting only.  Small game and predators do not have a short range restriction.   In Valley County red fox may only be taken by trapping methods.
A: You cannot exchange a tag that you have hunted on for another tag.   In fact, you can only exchange your tag if the season on your tag has not yet started.   
A: It is illegal to hunt Big Game in Idaho with an air rifle. the pertinent section of IDAPA is below: IDAPA 410.UNLAWFUL METHODS OF TAKE. No person shall take big game animals as outlined in this section. .05 Other d. With any net, snare, trap, chemical, deadfall or device other than ...
A: For general deer season in Unit 38 you can hunt the short-range weapon season and/or the archery only season.  Both the Regular Deer Tag and the White-tailed Deer Tag are available to be used in Unit 38; but make sure your tag matches the season and method, and species your are hunting.  The ...