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A: The answer to your question depends largely on what type of doves you have on your place. Mourning Doves enjoy protection as a migratory bird, and take of them is regulated by the US Fish and Wildlife Service under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. If these are the birds causing your issues, the ...
A: I am not aware of any large populations of norway or brown rats in Twin Falls. Additionally, this type of rat tends to be closely tied to urban populations, and human concentrations. the City of twin Falls has ordinances preventing shooting in city limits. It is my understanding that these ...
A: The Idaho Fish and Game Commission support equipment regulations for archery and muzzleloader equipment that are consistent with the primitive nature of the weapons.
A: Thank you for your interest in hunting in Idaho. It sounds like you've found several opportunities and that you have a good understanding of the restrictions.   Here are some things to consider for second tags: There are no guarantees for a second tag (as you mentioned) Second tags are made ...
A: Most elk management zones offer a choice of either an A tag or a B tag. The A and B tags have different season dates and may differ in the opportunity to use different weapon types or the type of elk that may be harvested. Although not the case in all zones that offer A tags and B tags, in most ...
A: Please report this to your local sheriff's office.  
A: Unprotected and Predatory wildlife would be legal to pursue with the weapon described.    
A: Yes a semiautomatic 9mm carbine rifle could be used to hunt deer during the general season. Fully automatic weapons are of course illegal. This weapon would not be legal during any short range weapon hunt. I would suggest instead using a bolt action rifle however, of a larger caliber for the ...
A: The change in age came about because of the realization that some young hunters are physically and emotionally mature enough to hunt big game, to fire a rifle safely and responsibly, and that it is best that parents decide when their child is ready.
A: It is unlawful to pursue or kill big game animals with any rimfire rifle or rimefire handgun.  Center fired rifles are lawful: examples are .22-250 and .223.  There are exceptions for mountain lion and legally trapped wolves; see big game rules.
A: .223 caliber centerfire weapons are legal.  It is unlawful to pursue or kill big game animals with any rimfire rifle or rimfire handgun. Idaho does not have a magazine capacity restriction.
A: In past regulation booklets deer youth hunst were restricted to youths age 17 and younger who are eligible to hunt big game by Idaho law. That youth hunt information was missed in the 2014 regulation booklets. It will be put back into the 2015 regulation booklets. For this year the only ...
A: Yes you can use semiautomatice rifles to hunt deer during the general season.  Fully automatic weapons are of course illegal. I don't know if you'd need a semi-automatic rifle since a bolt action is the best to use for the reasons that it is simple, reliable, and safe. Unless you feel that a quick ...
A: If you are specifically targeting Eurasion doves you can use a rifle and you must have a hunting license.  Please conduct risk assessments on every shot.  There are huge safety concerns regarding the use of a rifle to take Eurasion doves.  Please ensure there is an appropriate backstop.
A: Yes, you may hunt migratory birds with your archery equipment in Idaho.  Federal regulations state the following: It is against the law to take migratory game birds: with a trap, net, snare, net, rifle, pistol, swivel gun, shotgun larger than a 10 gauge, punt gun, battery gun, machine gun, ...
A:        IDFG offers a wide variety of hunting seasons in the fall, including several that run the entire throughout the month of September. For example the archery season for both deer and elk opens Aug 30 and runs through the end of Septmeber. For the most part, archers will be wildly dispersedand ...
A: During a Muzzleloader Only season no person shall take big game animils with any firearm, muzzleloading pistol or other implement other than a muzzleloading rifle or musket in accordance with weapon restrictions listed in the Big Game Seasons and Rules; for 2014 seasons listed on page 100.
A: Provided you don't have a provision in any felony conviction that prevents you from owning or possessing a firearm; you've purchase a valid hunting license and tags; and have taken an archery education class or qualify for an archery validation - then you can use your archery equipment ...
A: If you purchase a 2014 A Tag for the Weiser zone, you can only hunt during the dates, in the units and with weapon restrictions shown in the 2014 big game booklets for the Weiser A Tag (see page 44 of the 2014 Big Game Seasons and Rules brochure). If you wish to hunt in the October 25 to November ...
A: Yes, “red dot” sights are legal to hunt coyotes as well as big game animals.   In 2007 the commission adopted a rule change that allowed the use of lighted reticles to aid those with poor eye sight.  The rule reads it is unlawful to pursue or kill big game animals: With any electronic device ...
A: Thank you for your interest in becoming a hunter education instructor. Our instructors are an important part of Idaho's hunter education program. In Idaho, we have 1200 instructors that teach over 700 courses to 15,000 students each year. Hunter education instructors teach firearm safety, wildlife ...
A: Yes, No person shall take big game animals as outlined in this section. a.  With any firearm that, in combination with a scope, sling, and/or any other attachments, weighs more than sixteen (16) pounds. b. With any shotgun using any shot smaller than double-aught (#00) buck. c. With any rimfire ...
A: Yes, you can purchase a nonresident tag for your second tag.  They go on sale for that purpose on August 1.
A: Answer:  This is the most complicated part of reporting the harvest statistics. I'm pretty sure that you are asking about deer and elk general hunt harvest estimates on the IDFG web site. We have 3 kinds of general hunting seasons, for most of our hunts, but the names are confusing."Any Weapon" is ...
A: Cam, Thanks for the question on the 2-zone tag for elk and what is the plan for implementation for such a option? The Idaho Fish and Game Commission approved the Elk Management Plan in January. The next step is to begin to implement the plan. The 2 zone tag system was one of the concepts developed ...
A: The weapon restrictions for short range hunts apply to the specfic hunt area and season dates.  They are designed for public safety.  It is unlikley you will find any vermin to hunt in those areas during the season dates.  However, as long as you have legal access to the land, meaning its public ...
A: You can use a shotgun with shells not exceeding 3 1/2 inches maximum length for turkeys: No person shall take upland game birds: • With a trap, snare, net, crossbow, slingshot, hand-held or thrown missiles, firearms except a shotgun using shells not exceeding 3 ½ inches maximum length, except ...
A: No.  A superhunt tag allows you to hunt in any hunt in Idaho for the species you draw, but you must abide by the rules we set in place for the hunt including legal weapons that can be used.  If the hunt as we set it up is archery-only, you can only hunt in it using archery equipment and you must ...
A: Rangefinders are legal to hunt big game in Idaho with, as long as the rangefinder is not attached to a weapon (e.g. rifle, bow).
A: You can carry a weapon even if you are not hunting.
A: Idaho does offer some youth only elk hunting opportunities for the 2014 season. These youth hunts are all Antlerless Only. We do not offer any controlled antlered youth elk hunts at this time. What Idaho does do for youth elk hunters is allow them to hunt both the A and B seasons on one tag in elk ...
A: Please refer to our rules for additional information regarding weapon restrictions. For Big Game. No person shall take big game animals with any rimfire rifle, rimfire handgun or any muzzleloading handgun, EXCEPT for mountain lion and trapped gray wolf. For unprotected species. No person hunting ...
A: 410.UNLAWFUL METHODS OF TAKE.No person shall take big game animals as outlined in this section. 01. Firearms. (7-1-93)a. With any firearm that, in combination with a scope, sling, and/or any other attachments, weighsmore than sixteen (16) pounds. (7-1-93)b. With any shotgun using any shot smaller ...
A: There are no rules to prevent you from hunting coyotes with a .22 rimfire rifle, but if you are serious about humanely taking the animal, we would suggest using a larger caliber firearm.   F08
A:  It appears the 375 Winchester round was originally designed as a rifle cartridge, and therefore not legal for use during a short-range weapon hunt. 
A: The short range designation applies to big game hunting.  You can use any legal weapon to hunt predators and unprotected species.
A: Please continue to review page 88 of the 2013 Big Game Seasons and Rules book for lists of weapon restrictions, including restrictions for  rifle and shotgun; short range weapons; muzzleloader caliber requirements, muzzleloader only seasons and archery only seasons. For example, for rifle and ...
A: Thank you for your question about filing your hunter report for your deer tag. We try to keep the reporting forms as simple as possible, short and sweet. But sometimes, it is TOO short.  Sometimes we wish we had put more instructions on the online forms. Maybe next year. --If you hunted with rifle ...
A: To hunt during an archery only season or archery only controlled hunt, you will need an archery permit.  To purchase an archery permit, you must possess a valid hunting license and show proof you have completed an approved bowhunter education course or show evidence of having been licensed for an ...
A: Yes, there is a IDFG Commission rule that allows for a person to apply for a permit to us a non-magnifying scope on your muzzle loader for use during a muzzle loader only big game season. Here is a link to the application and other information.   APPLICATION FOR SPECIAL WEAPON REASONABLE ...
A: Yes. However, as infrared light scopes are a source of artificial light, the laws and rules of hunting with an artificial light apply. A permit to hunt predartory and unprotected wildlife with an artificial light on public lands is available at IDFG regional offices. To hunt on private land with ...
A: It depends on the felony. Under Idaho law, anyone convicted of any of 36 felonies may not own, use or carry a firearm, which the law defines as "any weapon from which a shot, projectile or other object may be discharged by force of combustion, explosive, gas and/or mechanical means, whether ...
A: Idaho doesn't require that you wear hunter orange while big game hunting.  It is required if you are hunting upland birds on WMAs where we plant pheasants.  
A: Yes, you can.
A: It depends on which Zone you purchased the tag.  Check the rule booklet for your zone and follow the A-tag options across the page.  Some allow early archery hunting and late muzzleloader hunting (Palouse Zone).  Others like the Panhandle Zone allow early archery hunting, followed by "any" weapon ...
A: Yes, Unit 4 is in a zone that included Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 4A, 5, 6, 7, and 9.  You could have used a rifle to take an antlered elk in any of those units from October 10 - 24 using your B tag.   F08
A: Good morning,  Are you within Boise city limits?  If so, you might check with the city or Ada county to determine what the rule is regarding discharging a firearm within city limits as I believe shooting an air rifle within city limits is illegal. The eastern & grey fox squirrel are considered ...
A: You can use any lethal means for forest grouse except they shall not be taken with a trap, snare, net or crossbow in Idaho.  However, the Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge is federally run and they have their own rules in addition to IDFG state laws.  You must contact Deer Flat Refuge managers to get the ...
A: Yes, you can.  Deer tags are valid for any general season hunt.