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A: Yes, you can purchase a muzzleloader stamp with the hunter's hunt in an muzzleloader-only hunt  OR you can hunt in the Any-weapon general hunt (without muzzleloader stamp).
A: Most elk management zones offer a choice of either an A tag or a B tag. The A and B tags have different season dates and may differ in the opportunity to use different weapon types or the type of elk that may be harvested. Although not the case in all zones that offer A tags and B tags, in most ...
A: The simple answer to your questions is yes. General season deer tags can be used in any open general season hunt (archery, any weapon or muzzleloader) as long as the hunter has the appropriate permits. Hunters need to verify seasons in the big game proclamation booklets.
A: The Idaho Fish and Game Commission support equipment regulations for archery and muzzleloader equipment that are consistent with the primitive nature of the weapons.
A: Yes.  Depending on your method of hunting, an appropriate hunting license, tags with appropriate validations (archery or muzzleloader) are  required to hunt deer and elk.  For more information, review the "Licenses, Tags and Permits" section of any of our Seasons and Rules booklets.  A quick call ...
A: Yes. Any person hunting in an archery only hunt must have an archery permit in possession. The same rule applies for muzzleloader hunts too. Any person hunting in a muzzleloader only hunt must have a muzzleloader permit in possession.