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A: The 3-year junior license would still be valid after the junior turns 18.   However, he (or she) would not be able to participate in any hunt that is designated youth only.
A: For the 2016 year, the bear and antlerless elk hunt would be both be open only from October 25-31.   The bear is open October 1-31 and the controlled elk is open October 25-November 15.   Please be advised that these dates may differ in the future years beyond 2016.
A: Black bear season is open in GMU 66A in the fall from Aug 30 - Oct 31.  The antlerless elk controlled hunt is Oct 25 - Nov 15.  For the first few days  of the elk season (Oct 25-31) you would be able to harvest a black bear.
A: We would need to change the dates before the dates on the current license expire.  A new license would need to be issued with the new dates.  This can be done at no cost.
A: You may target practice on BLM lands without a hunting license.
A: We are glad to hear that you and your son enjoy spending time hunting and fishing together. We appreciate your passing on the hunting and fishing legacy to your kids. Currently there is not an option for a junior/senior/DAV sportsmans package. This is something that has been discussed as part of  ...
A: No
A: A violation of the Motorized Hunting Rule is Misdemeanor in Idaho, which comes with a penalty of a fine of $25-$1,000, and or up to 6 months in jail. It also comes with the potential of a license revocation of up to 3 years. there is no mandatory minimum for the fine or the license revocation as ...
A: Pet/Domestic wolves are usually not pure wolf.  They may be close in heritage to thier wild cousins but usually show some sign of domestic dog. The permit is to allow personnel to identify domestic wolves from wild wolves, if they show all primary wolf characteristics and no domestic dog ...
A: Please send a letter expressing your interest in becoming a license vendor for the Department of Fish and Game. Include in your letter:      Your Name     Business Name     Mailing Address     Phone number You can send the letter through the mail to: IDFG License SectionP. O. Box 25Boise, ID 83707 ...
A: Let's look at the economics of the various license options.  You could buy a Nonresident Fishing license ($98.25) and a Nonresident Steelhead permit ($25.75) and fish all year for steelhead in Idaho.  It would also give you the latitude to return in the fall and fish for steelhead at no additional ...
A: No its not legal. Wolves can only be hunted from one half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset. They have shooting hours.
A: River conditions are constantly changing, especially this time of year. There are a couple of different ways to get information on current river conditions: 1.) There are numerous stream flow gauges throughout the upper Salmon River basin that are operated by the US Geological Survey (USGS) and ...
A: It depends on if the children (under 14 years of age) are residents of the State of Idaho or nonresidents. Resident children (primary domicile/home) who have lived in Idaho for at least the past 6 months are considered residents and can possess their own daily bag limit of fish.  They can even ...
A: Starlings are classified in Idaho as a predator and can be controlled by almost any means, but a license or permit is required for the individual doing the control action.   However the depredation control folks at Wildlife Services (208-373-1630) can help control migratory wildlife which are ...
A: Yes, coyotes are classified as predatory wildlife in the state of Idaho and may be taken in any numbers, year round, and with crossbows, by the holders of the appropriate hunting license. The weapons restrictions that exist for big game do not apply to predatory or unprotected wildlife.   Josh ...
A: Yes you need to have  a current hunting license to hunt rabbits in Idaho.
A: There is a difference between the Steelhead Permit and the 3-day Salmon/Steelhead.   The 3-day Salmon/Steelhead is a 3-day Fishing License with a Salmon Permit and a Steelhead Permit.   The Steelhead Permit cannot be purchased unless you have a Nonresident Fishing LIcense.  As of the date this ...
A: A hunting license IS required to hunt or take any wildlife in Idaho, including unprotected and predatory wildlife. Most ground squirrels are classified as unprotected wildlife and can be hunted by persons holding a valid hunting license.  Be aware, there are several species of ground squirrel that ...
A: Thank you for your question. Yes, you may take a picture of your license and store it on your mobile device as proof of having a license. We do not have any plans to build an app for licensing. However, we do have a mobile optimized website and those who purchase their license via a mobile device ...
A: You can e-mail your proof of disability, letter on Veterans Affairs letterhead showing combined service connected disability percentage, to
A: No birds may be shot without a license. Unprotected non-native species, such as European Starlings and Eurasian Collared-doves, may be taken year-round by those possessing a valid hunting license.
A: No Fish and Game issued trapping license is needed to catch ferrel cats on your property.  Ferel cats would not be classified as wildlife and would not fall under Fish and game jurisdiction.   Ferel cats fall under state, county and city jurisdiction, and therefore you should be aware of animal ...
A: A hunter education certification from another state would qualify for purchasing a hunting license in Idaho. This includes online and instructor-led courses. States vary whether they accept non-residents into hunter education courses. To find out contact the hunter education program in the state ...
A: Where the Snake River forms the boundary between Idaho and Oregon or Washington only one states license is required. As long as you are in a boat or on the shore of the state from which you hold a license. If you hold an Idaho license license you would not be able to stand in Oregon and fish, just ...
A: No you do not.  Thanks for asking!
A: Thanks for the question, The short answer is no.  Years ago, the Kokanee fishery in Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir (SFCR) was integral to the fishing experience in the reservoir.  In the late 90's we started to see a decline in angler catch rates.  This decline continued to worsen over the next 5-7 ...
A: No. The equipment restrictions you mentioned are only for Big Game. All that is needed is a fishing license and good aim!
A: Thank you for your question. Trapping licenses were required in the 1980's. Unfortunately we do not have license purchase history for the 1980's.
A: Idaho Fish and Game issues hunter education numbers at the time of certification, and are generated from the database and are not linked to the social security number and cannot be changed.  The Idaho Fish and Game license system generates a sportsman's identification number from the database, not ...
A: Bobcats are classified as a furbearing animal.  Furbearers include bobcat, fox, marten, mink, muskrat, beaver, otter, lynx, fisher, and badger.  Of these, lynx and fisher are fully protected with no legal harvest, and otters have a quota.  Lynx are listed as threatened and wolverine are listed as ...
A: Based on comments we have received from customers over the years, we have changed our process for mailing licenses when they are purchased on-line or through a mobile device. Licenses purchased on-line are to be printed at home and licenses purchased via a mobile device now download electronically ...
A: Yes, however there are some stipulations and restrictions. The most pertinent are: 1. Hunting is only authorized on public lands that allow shooting and public access/presence. 2. Permit does not authorize hunting on private property; a separate landowner signed permission slip must be obtained. 3 ...
A: Idaho Code 36-404 (b) states: Class 4: Senior Resident Combination License. Licenses to be issued only to persons over sixty-five (65) years of age who meet the definition of "resident" pursuant to the provisions of section 36-202, Idaho Code. Idaho Code 36-413 (e) states: A lifetime certificate ...