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A: Yes, you can still hunt chukars during the first five days of the pheasant season.  The code only specifies pheasant.  Here is a copied and pasted section from 36-407: (e)  Nonresident Small Game Hunting License. A license issued only to a person twelve (12) years of age or older, entitling the ...
A: You do not need a hunting license to accompany your friends while video-documenting their hunt.  We hope you enjoy your experience.
A: That is correct.  The Hunting Passport can introduce your child to the hunt as early as age 8 before investing in taking hunter education; but they have to take hunter education to obtain a junior hunting license at age 10.
A: Exchanging Deer or Elk Tags: Hunters may exchange general season elk tags for use in another zone at any Fish and Game office. Deer hunters may exchange a regular season deer tag for a white-tailed deer tag or a white-tailed deer tag for a regular season deer tag at any Fish and Game office. The ...
A: That might be a limitation of the software or app, as well as the majority of our seasons and rules pages are designed to read horizontally, but some pages are vertical (Elk Zones for example). You can print the rules from your home or hardcopies of the current seasons and rules brochures are ...
A: The distribution of fall Chinook salmon in Idaho is very different than that of spring/summer Chinook and steelhead. Fall Chinook are found only in the Snake River downstream of Hells Canyon Dam and the lower portions of the Clearwater River. A few do venture a short distance up the Salmon River ...
A: The statutory definition of fishing from Idaho Code 36-202(k) is: "Fishing - any effort made to take, kill, injure, capture, or catch any fish or bullfrog.”  If what you’re doing falls within this definition, and it sounds like it does, then you need to purchase a license and abide by the rules ...
A: Idaho Fish and Game has adopted the season recommendation approved by the Pacific Flyway Council and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. These recommendations are the result of a new harvest strategy, which represents a more informative approach to managing harvest of mourning doves as envisioned in ...
A: No, the quality bass rule only applies to the Lake.  The Lowline Canal is a "general rule" limit of 6 bass with a minimum length of 12" Water will be shut-off to the Lowline Canal in just a few weeks.  There will probably be a salvage order that allows unlimited harvest of game fish, providing you ...
A: Yes, a hunting license is required to purchase any big game tag in Idaho.
A: Not based on the information you have provided. Here is the state law regarding archery permits: Idaho Code 36-411 (b) Archery education. On and after January 1, 1994, no person shall be issued an archery permit unless that person presents to the department a certificate of completion in archery ...
A: Yes, you can purchase a nonresident hunting/3day fishing license and your bear tag at any vendor location, on-line at or via telephone at 1-800-554-8685. We also have general season deer and elk tags that ...
A: Yes, you can fish using a rod, reel and lure/bait while under water.  I'm not sure what the advantage would be - but it is legal. We often receive questions about the use of spearguns while diving, to harvest fish.  Only nongame fish can be harvested using archery equipment, spears or mechanisms ...
A: Trapping rules and seasons can be found on our website at: .  Seasons for different species start at different times.  You cannot trap mountain lions legally.  However, you can trap wolves but you must first attend a mandatory wolf trapping ...
A: Who is required to have Hunter Education? To buy a hunting license, all hunters must show proof that they have completed a hunter education course if they were born on or after January 1, 1975, unless they have held a hunting license from Idaho or another state. 
A: Yes, it it legal to possess a taxidermied turtle.  Any paperwork to show legal ownership should be retained if the turtle had license or permit requirements when alive.
A: If you are a resident, you can purchase the tag through the last day of the hunt. If you are a nonresident, you can do the same as long as the nonresident tag quota has not been sold out. For quota information please visit this page for nonresident inforamtion ...
A: Yes as long as the requested transfer meets all of the requirements as described on the transfer form that can be found at Please contact our license section at 208-334-2952 if you have additional questions.
A: It is your US Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  Long ago we used to require a hunting license to possess a firearm in the field in Idaho. It was challenged and recinded.  Current Idaho Code restricts the carry of 'concealed' weapons.  If your handgun is not concealed you are in ...
A: Hunters can buy 5 wolf tags per calendar year and 5 trapping tags per calendar year for use in zones with an open trapping season.  A person must attend a wolf trapper education course and have a valid trapping license before trapping wolves.
A: Racoons are classified as preditors in Idaho and can be taken in any amounts and at any time by holders of the appropriate valid Idaho hunting, trapping or combination hunting license, provided such taking is not in violation of state, county, or city laws, ordinances or regulations.  Take care ...
A: Youth hunts that are not filled in the second drawing can be purchased by those with a senior license or a disabled license through the leftover tag sale starting August 25th at 10 am mountain time. See page 108 in the 2014 big game proclamation booklets.
A: Idaho Fish and Game manages all wildlife including game and nongame.  The agency's Wildlife Diversity Program publishes information about Watchable Wildlife, here's a link: You can find more information about the program on the ...
A: Thank you for taking the time to ask your question.  Issues involving nuisance wildlife are referred to as depredations.  A landowner with depredations may hire a third party or “agent” to control the wildlife as long as it is in accordance with all federal, state, and local regulations.   For ...
A: Provided you don't have a provision in any felony conviction that prevents you from owning or possessing a firearm; you've purchase a valid hunting license and tags; and have taken an archery education class or qualify for an archery validation - then you can use your archery equipment ...
A: When you perform a search on the Internet, your current years purchase history will show up on the license selection page. This information will show you what currently valid items you have purchased.
A: I was in Pocatello at Edison Fichter pond just yesterday.  Fishing for rainbow trout was very good and several people had their two-trout limit.  Each licensed angler can catch and keep 2 trout.  For resident youth under 14 years of age, they can also catch and keep 2 trout.  Nonresident youth ...
A: No.  Nonresident disabled American veterans with a disability rating of 40 percent or more by Veterans Affairs are eligible for nonresident DAV reduced fees for licenses and tags. The nonresident DAV hunting with 3-day fishing license, $31.75, allows the nonresident disabled veteran to purchase ...
A: We can issue you a Nonresident DAV license in place of your lifetime license so you can receive reduced tag fees.  However, you will need to send us a reminder each year so we know which license to issue to you.  If you have more questions, please contact our licensing section at 208-334-2592.   
A: Ok, nonresident children (under 14 years of age) can fish for free if they are with a licensed adult (resident or nonresident).  All fish caught and reduced to possession count towards the licensed individual's daily bag limit.  The only exception is, a nonresident youth can buy their own salmon ...
A: No, you don't need a Salmon Permit to fish in Lake Coeur d'Alene for Fall Chinook.  The Salmon Permit is only required when fishing for anadromous (ocean-run) salmon.  Land-locked salmon are treated like trout in most waters.
A: Are you looking for a general season mule deer hunt? Tags for those seasons go on sale December 1 for the next license year and can be purchased until the nonresident quota has been filled. (For this year, you can purchase now) If you are looking for a controlled hunt, the first application period ...
A: You will need to complete your lifetime recertification document at or contact our license section at 208-334-2592. Thank you.
A: Military veterans are required to have Hunter Education to buy a hunting license if they were born on or after January 1, 1975 and they have not held a hunting license from Idaho or another state. The Hunter Education course includes the following subject areas. Firearm handling and safety Hunting ...
A: Free Fishing Day only allows a person who can possess a valid license to fish on that day without a license or a salmon permit.  All other rules dealing with daily bag and possession limits, gear restrictions, etc. are still in effect. Even though, you weren't required to record the adult salmon ...
A: Yes, there are no "free-bees."  You will need to buy and possess in the field a senior license.  If you can prove you've been a resident of Idaho for at least 5 years, it only costs $5.
A: Please refer to Idaho Waterfowl and Seasons and Rules book.  You may affix the stamp to your license, however, please remember that stamp is good into the new year so remember to keep your old license with stamp attached until the end of the season. Stamps and Validations:• Federal Migratory Bird ...
A: This year the resident general season elk tags went on sale June 25th. We make most of the resident general season tags available when the controlled hunt results are posted to the license system. That means the date can change every year depending on when the controlled hunt drawing is completed ...
A: Yes they can - but the question is why?  Idaho offers some of the best and most diverse year-around fishing in the western United States and our season licenses are one of the best values in outdoor recreation.  How about trying a season license and keep track of how many different species of fish ...
A: Yes, your Idaho Fishing license is good on all water in Bear Lake except areas closed to both Idaho and Utah anglers.  We actually have a reciprical agreemeent with Utah for this body of water.  Check for signs and additional information.  Also, see page 53 of our Idaho Fishing Rules.
A: Yes, when you go to a license vendor to buy her license, they will ask you "what day(s) would you like the license to be valid?"  They enter the date(s) you provide and it prints on her license. Good luck!  
A: Actually, we've studied going to a 365-day license versus a calendar-year license and we've talked with a number of states that have gone the 365-day route.  There are pros and cons to both. For Idaho, one of the complicating factors is our salmon and steelhead fisheries.  These are seasonal ...
A: Department biologists spend many hours during the months of January, February and early March studying the health of deer and elk populations in the state through aerial surveys, hunter reports and other methods. During this same time frame the biologists also hold public meetings with hunters ...
A: Only the 3 year licenses are valid for multiple years. All other permits, validations and tags are annual items and expire no later than December 31 of the year they were valid in.
A: Thanks for your interest in the Buffalo River.  As you note, we have not stocked that reach for over a decade, primarily because angler use of hatchery fish was low there.  The reach is currently supported by natural reproduction of resident trout, and also some fish from the Henrys Fork that ...
A: Yes, a minor can purchase a license without an adult or guardian being present.  They still need to show a form of identification, but they can buy a license without an adult or guardian.
A: After the super hunt drawing has been completed, our License Section contacts each individual to let them know they have drawn a super hunt tag.
A: Your friend will need to contact our license section at 334-2592. Thank you.
A: Trapping of upland game animals is not a legal method of take.  You can hunt cottontails during the hunting season, but trapping them at any time is unlawful unless they are in your garden or destroying personal property.  You are allowed to control depredations, but you should contact your ...
A: The person who hooks (sets the hook) the fish must record it on their permit.