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A: If your son has completed all the necessary requirements and is certified in hunter education, but he has never purchased a hunting license in any state before, Idaho's Hunting Passport is a great option.  If he has purchased a license before in any state, he is ineligible to purchase a Hunting ...
A: The answers to both of your questions are yes.  Please review a copy of our Big Game or Moose, Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goat Seasons and Rules booklets for more information.  A quick call to one of our 9 offices could also help you with your questions.       While any person applying for any ...
A: The rule that requires hunters to either pick applying for a trophy species (moose, mountain goat, or bighorn sheep) or deer, elk, and pronghorn was implemented to improve drawing odds for moose, mountain goat, and bighorn sheep.  By reducing the number of people that apply for any one species, ...
A: Those who apply for a trophy hunt (moose, sheep or goat) can submit an application for deer, elk or pronghorn in the second application period. That person may also participate in the leftover first-come, first-served tag sales as long as they meet all of the other requirements and criteria.
A: Good question and good catch! The langauge in the big game regulations and seasons booklet and the moose, bighorn sheep, and mountain goat booklet dont' match--and they should.   The Idaho Administrative Procedures Act contains regulations (e.g., IDAPA ) that prohibit the use of ...