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A: Unfortunately, Paddock Valley Reservoir was very low during late fall 2013 as it has been for the majority of the last several years. I would not recommend it as a good use of your valuable fishing time. The only exception might be the... Read more
A: The Big Eddy hole is located near Lenore Rest Area at milepost 28 on US Highway 12. Fishing from any watercraft is prohibited from a posted boundary at river mile 27.6 extending upstream to the posted boundary at river mile 28.0. See the... Read more
A: Basically, you only have to replace the items you need to (and want to). Before July the deer and elk tags have not been designated yet; when you decide the specific zone or type of tag you want you can go to any vendor to get a deer or... Read more
A: When in doubt, check your Fishing Rules book.      Bait: organic substances, other than rubber, wood feather, fiber, or plastic, attached to a hook to attract fish. Bait includes insects, insect larvae, worms, dead fish, fish parts, any... Read more
A: Fishing licenses are required for anglers 14 and older. Resident children can fish under age 14 without an accompanying adult and without having a fishing license.  Nonresident children must fish with an adult with an Idaho fishing... Read more
A: You are correct, IDFG does use salmon and steelhead permit fees to pay for toilet services in anadromous fishing areas. We try to time the delivery of porta-potty toilets in spring with the arrival of larger numbers of anglers, so we are... Read more
A: Not for fishing. If you purchase a 3 year fishing license at the age of 17, the license allows you to fish until the license expires on December 31 of the third year. Please contact our license section at 208-334-2592 if you have... Read more
A: Assuming you are interested in using a bow or spear to catch fish; here are the details: Spear Fishing in Idaho You must have an Idaho fishing license if you are 14 or over. Archery and Spear Fishing is defined as: Fishing with a bow and... Read more
A: No other permit is required.  More information: Spear Fishing in IdahoArchery and Spear Fishing is defined as: Fishing with a bow and arrow, crossbow, spear or mechanical device, excluding firearms. This type of fishing is permitted only... Read more
A: If you are helping the child fish in any way, you must have a fishing license.  Baiting the hook, putting the pole in the water and watching it for the child and taking the fish out of the water means that you are must have... Read more
A: No, if the parent is not fishing, they are not required to have a license.  
A: The Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game has no rules prohibiting the use of float tubes or other watercraft on Park Center Pond.  After doing a quick review of current Boise City Ordinances, it appears it is legal to use a float tube or other... Read more
A: The returns of large B-run steelhead to the Clearwater River in the 2013-14 return are less than in recent years and in October 2013 the Department asked the Idaho Fish and Game Commission to implement a conservation measure to decrease... Read more
A: October can be one of the best times to fish in the Salmon Region. Steelhead are starting to show up in the Salmon River, with anglers having the best luck downstream from the town of Salmon, ID. Anglers may also catch rainbow trout,... Read more
A: Yellow perch, for the most part, are prolific and environmental factors influence populations more than angling harvest.  In years where water temperatures coincide with zooplankton blooms and reduced numbers of primary predators, the... Read more
A: In recent times, we began allowing catch-and-release fishing in the fall and winter in 2010.  This has been a very popular fishery since it's inception. F08  
A: The Idaho Fish and Game Commission has closed certain state lands or portions of state lands to hunting or fishing. Fish and Game season brochures identify these areas along with other closures. Rules for recreational access, camping and... Read more
A: Steelhead destined for Sawtooth Fish Hatchery in the upper Salmon River Basin spend the winter in the main Salmon River, typically below the town of Salmon, Idaho.  As water temperatures and day length begin to increase in mid to late... Read more
A: We do treat several fishing ponds around the state with herbicides to reduce aquatic vegetation so people can fish.  It's an expensive process and one where you need to be careful because you can just as easily kill fish.  We'll monitor... Read more
A: Proof of residency is required to buy any resident license: 1. Drivers must present: A driver must have a valid Idaho driver’s license and must have been domiciled in the state of Idaho for the last six months prior to purchasing a... Read more
A: The only change in our fishing rules that is not listed in the 2013 - 2015 Fishing Rule booklet has to do with a reduction in the bag limit for steelhead on the Clearwater River.  That change is posted on our website (fishandgame.Idaho.... Read more
A: Yes, except when fishing for Chinook salmon (ocean-going), steelhead, or when fishing on Henrys Lake.  Just be aware, if you hook a fish and cause mortality after reaching your bag limit, you could be cited for an over-limit.
A: Both reservoirs can be accessed by public property and there are no rules we are aware of to prevent waterfowl hunting during the set season. Because these reservoirs also border private property, you need to be cognizant of the direction... Read more
A: If the seven-year-old is an Idaho resident, they can fish without a license and the adult with them does not have to have a fishing license. If the seven-year-old is a nonresident, they can still fish without a license but the adult they... Read more
A: The reduced bag limit for Clearwater steelhead that was adopted by the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game Commission will remain in effect through the 2014 spring season.  We're hoping to get a large enough return in the fall of 2014 that we... Read more