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A: Idaho doesn't have a collector's waterfowl stamp.  
A: No.  Migratory species, such as waterfowl, doves, crows, and protected wildlife and/or birds, such as eagles, hawks, owls and songbirds, may not be salvaged or possessed, nor can protected non-game animals and Threatened or Endangered wildlife.  All of these species encountered dead along the ...
A: Idaho waterfowl hunters must purchase an Idaho Migratory Bird permit to hunt ducks in Idaho.  They must also have a federal duck stamp.  Idaho's Migratory Bird Permit is a validation printed on their license.  It is not an actual stamp.
A: All hunters must have an Idaho Migratory Bird stamp, regardless of age. The cost for a resident is $1.75; the cost for a nonresident is $4.75. By the way, the Federal "Duck Stamp" is required for age 16 and older.
A:   Many hunters work the shoreline and islands on the Snake and Payette Rivers, as well as the ponds on the WMAs and elsewhere.  Jump shooting can be had in various ditches, creeks, rivers, or ponds across the region.  Lake Lowell provides duck hunting opportunity as do farm fields around the ...
A: You only need the WMA pheasant to hunt pheasants.  Permits for waterfowl hunting statewide are a migratory bird validation and the federal duck stamp.    
A: The wildlife collision salvage rule went into effect in Spring 2012. The rule allows for the legal salvage of some game animals killed by auto collisions:   By notifying the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game (IDFG) and completing reporting requirements, people can now: Recover and keep wildlife species ...
A: No.  You must get a 2013 Idaho hunting license and migratory bird validation.  The federal duck stamp is still valid and doesn't need to be replaced.
A: The majority of the ducks in the southeast region are along the Snake River corridor.  This is not to say there is not great hunting elsewhere, just that most of the ducks are here.  From the mouth of the Little Blackfoot River (near Tilden Bridge) downstream into American Falls Reservoir, the ...
A: Yes, an eleven year old can hunt ducks.  Be sure to add the Idaho Migratory bird permit to their license ($1.75 for residents, $4.75 for nonresidents).  The federal duck stamp isn't required until they are 16.
A: Duck Creek WMA is a Bureau of Recreation WMA, not a Fish & Game WMA.  It’s one of 6 WMA’s around Cascade Reservoir managed by BOR.  Duck Creek is on the west side, a bit south of where we used to count grebe nests.
A: The IDFG hunting closure in Ada County includes the area between Hwy 21 and the Boise city limits. The Boise river above Hwy 21 is not closed to hunting by IDFG. Ada County and or the State Park may have other regulations in place.  
A: Yes, waterfowl hunting is allowed at Black's Creek reservoir Please honor any Safety Zone postings to provide public safety to other users.    
A: Setting waterfowl seasons is a cooperative effort among state and federal agencies.  The United States and Canada are divided into four flyways: the Atlantic, Mississippi, Central and Pacific.  Idaho is in the Pacific Flyway.  For each flyway, a framework is set for each hunting season and is the ...
A: Yes, there is a very limited opportunity for new graduates of our Magic Valley hunter education program to hunt waterfowl on the Hagerman Wildlife Management Area.  It is a tightly controlled event to minimize conflicts with other users of the area and used as a teaching tool to promote hunter ...
A: Idaho offers lots of duck hunting opportunity throughout our state.  Fish and Game's Wildlife Management Areas are good place to start.  There are 32 WMA's throughout our state.  You can learn more about the one closest to you by clicking on the following link: ...
A: The Federal Duck stamp is required for hunters 16 and older.  You must have one now that you are 16 if you want to hunt this winter.
A: Federal duck stamps are valid July 1 of one year through June 30 of the next.  You can carry it with you during the spring/winter waterfowl seasons.  The stamp isn't associated with a particular license number, but with the hunter who has signed it.  You can carry it with you for the time it is ...
A: There are several ponds on Sterling WMA that provide good duck hunting.  However many of them freeze up pretty early most years.  Call the Southeast Regional office (232-4703) and ask for Dean Rose, the WMA manager.  He can give you up-to-date information on the conditions and give you advice on ...
A: There are waterfowl hunting opportunities on the Sterling Wildlife Management Area (WMA), at the American Falls Reservoir, McTucker Ponds area, as well as the Portneuf River near Pocatello.  Be aware that the Fort Hall Indian Reservation land is close by and that it cannot be hunted without a ...
A: Sorry for the delay in responding.  The rule is specific to Idaho Fish and Game lands only.  There is no such rule for other public or private lands.
A: This is being answered in April, 2014.  It may be that the signage you see now applies now and may change when waterfowl season comes around in early fall.  Please check with the Southwest Region office for up-to-date information next fall.  Their number is 208-465-8465.
A: Mallard ducks are classified as waterfowl and are a protected migratory bird.  But wild mallards would not nest under a playground slide.  Without seeing the bird , I would guess the mallard was a domestic release or a crossbreed. Typical duck behavior would be to build a nest away from people in ...
A: Please contact the Magic Valley Region office at 1-208-324-8137.  
A: These opportunities are not available to sign up for online currently. To find volunteer opportunities such as you describe, please contact your local regional office:
A: Please refer to Idaho Waterfowl and Seasons and Rules book.  You may affix the stamp to your license, however, please remember that stamp is good into the new year so remember to keep your old license with stamp attached until the end of the season. Stamps and Validations:• Federal Migratory Bird ...
A: That is correct.  The Hunting Passport can introduce your child to the hunt as early as age 8 before investing in taking hunter education; but they have to take hunter education to obtain a junior hunting license at age 10.
A: Sorry to get back to you so late. I just had a chance to check out Cartier Slough WMA this morning. I found more water in the big channels than there has been in the last few years. We do not have control of the water on the WMA. We do not have any water rights from the river to fill channels. I ...
A: Wood ducks can be found in wooded streams, marshes, small lakes and beaver ponds and may be seen year-round. A few choice spots in eastern Idaho where they can be encountered is at Deer Parks Wildlife Mitigation Unit about 10 miles west of Rexburg, along the Snake River from Firth to American ...
A: You are fine to carry your firearm to your blind.  Its your constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  Duck hunter almost always access their hunting blinds in the dark.
A: Part of Cougar Bay shoreline is owned by the Bureau of Land Management, and may be hunted.  Remaining portions are private property and would require permission from a landowner for access and hunting.  The southeast portion of Hauser Lake is incorporated within the city limits of the City of ...
A: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife has contracted with a company to mail out the physical Federal Duck stamp. You will need to contact the Amplex corporation at 1-800-889-8871 or to provide them with the correct address to send your duck stampe. For Idaho Fish and Game you may contact ...
A: Yes it is legal to hunt out of a boat under natural drift.
A: You are correct.  There is a moratorium on outfitted waterfowl hunts for licensed outfitters and only those outfitters grandfathered can continue doing so.  However, in 2013 Idaho law was changed to allow private land outfitting/guiding without a license.  Here is the specific language from Idaho ...
A: Idaho accepts Hunter Education certification from any State.
A: Yes he does, A Federal Migratory Bird Stamp is required for any waterfowl hunter 16 years or older.
A: Yes. 
A: Many landowners along the Pend Oreille River own property well below the ordinary high water mark.  Anchoring anything on private property would require permission from the landowner.  IDFG also owns several parcels along the river, as part of the Pend Oreille Wildlife Management Area.  Leaving a ...
A: That area is a little tough to hunt because in many places it is a very narrow strip of land between the road and river.  You can hunt on private land along the river with permission from the landowner or along any public land that is open. We emphasize safety and respect for property.  Also, it ...
A: The access sites along the Clearwater River east of Lewiston are mainly to provide boating and fishing access.  Be aware that all hunting is closed in the Lewiston Preserve, from Lewiston east to the railroad bridge at Spaulding. The Nez Perce National Historical Park in Nez Perce County is also ...