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A: Yes, however if any part of the dove up to and including feathers becomes dislodged or visable then it would be considered exposed bait and if the traps were closer than 30 there would be a violation of trapping too close to exposed bait.
A: This is a very broad category with too many questions to accurately address in this message.  I encourage you to contact your local police station, county sheriff's office, or local conservation officer to help explain the details surrounded each circumstances.  Idaho does not have a state law ...
A: Hunting over placed bait is not legal; 2014 and 2015 Seasons and Rules for Upland Game, Furbearer & Turkey page 21.  Dove's are  migratory birds.  Please review the 2014 Waterfowl Seasons and Rules, page 13, for more detailed information regarding bait.
A: Public land around Black's Creek Reservoir, outside of any administrative areas such as parks, boat ramps, etc., are open for access.  There has been issues with vandalism around the outlet area in the past and road access is restricted. The Idaho Fish and Game Commission has not closed any bird ...
A: Idaho Fish and Game has adopted the season recommendation approved by the Pacific Flyway Council and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. These recommendations are the result of a new harvest strategy, which represents a more informative approach to managing harvest of mourning doves as envisioned in ...
A: No.  In early July, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission approved the earliest and most liberal mourning dove season allowed. The 2014 dove season will last 60 days, from September 1 through October 30. The daily bag limit will be 15 birds and the possession limit will be 45. The information from ...
A: Thank you for caring about Idaho's wildlife. In the case of injured wildlife where a timely response can be critical and you're not comfortable with the situation, we encourage you to contact your regional office. If it's outside of normal business hours and you deem it an emergency, you can ...
A: Yes.  Many dove hunters have enjoyed the opportunity provided by eurasian-collared doves.  They are a litte bigger than mourning doves and should provide a little more meat than the standard mourning dove.  Eurasian-collared doves are classified as 'unprotected' and can be hunted and taken all ...
A: You will need a hunting license and a Federal Migratory Game Bird Harvest Information Program Validation.  For more information see the mourning dove section of the Upland Game rules at
A: Eurasian Collared doves are an unprotected species and can be hunted all year and taken in any quantities.  You must have an Idaho hunting license.