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A: This is often an ethical dilemma faced by hunters. The rule states it is illegal to hunt big game with the use of bait (except for bear and wolf). Bait here is defined as something placed to attract wildlife. However, many ranchers use... Read more
A: According to our records, you had your fishing license cancelled and a disabled combo issued along with a 2-pole permit yesterday.  However, you have not purchased any tags. If you intend to hunt for deer you will need to purchase a tag... Read more
A: West of Dayton is Big Game Managment Unit 73.  There are general hunts and controlled hunts in Unit 73 for deer and elk.  Please refer to the 2012 Idaho Big Game Seasons and Rules for details, or contact the Southeast Region office in... Read more
A: The short answer is NO. Short range weapon seasons for big game are limited to: Shotgun using a slug or #00 or larger buckshot Muzzleloader that are .45 caliber for deer, pronghorn, mountain lion or wolf and at least .50 caliber for elk,... Read more
A: It depends on the unit.  You will need to consult the 2012 Big Game Regulations for what is allowable in the unit where you will be hunting.   In most cases, a youth can harvest an antlered or antlerless.   Same goes for species on the... Read more
A: A general regular deer tag or general whitetail deer tag is not unit specific.  If you hold a regular deer tag, you would need to follow the seasons under the Regular Deer General season section of the Big Game Regulations (check the... Read more
A: I checked with the Upper Snake Region office; that is not true.  A shotgun can be used in that hunt. 
A: Thank you for contacting us.  For a question such as this, we suggest you call the region office so you can get details from them.  Unit 73 is in the Southeast Region.  Their number is 208-232-4703.
A: If you are the driver/owner of the car and involved in a collision with a deer, the first thing you should do is insure everyone is OK. If possible before doing anything else, for your safety, be sure you are not blocking traffic. If the... Read more
A: Yes, it is legal for any hunter (whether resident or nonresident) to purchase big game tags after the season for them has opened.
A: Many, if not most of the deer seasons allow youth to hunt for either sex.  Check pages 9-11 in the Big Game rules book.   
A: Yes.  The tag is valid through December 31 of the year purchased.  The youth can still hunt with it after they turn 18.
A: We appreciate your concern.  Please contact the Idaho Fish and Game Panhandle Region Office (208-769-1414) for information.
A: In our Roadkill Reporting System we presently have 13 mortalities between 15th St and Sherman Ave on I-90 (Milepost 13.6-14.8).  Of those thirteen, eleven are white-tailed deer, one domestic cat and one was an unknown (presumably... Read more
A:   It is legal to view wildlife with a spotlight. However, be aware that shining a spotlight “upon any field, forest or other place by a person while having in his possession or under his control any uncased firearm or other contrivance... Read more
A: During a general any weapon season while using a muzzleloader You cannot use a muzzleloading rifle or musket which is less than forty-five (.45) caliber for deer, pronghorn, mountain lion, or gray wolf, or which is less than fifty (.50)... Read more
A: Please call the Southwest Region office for information.  Their number is 465-8465.  
A: IDFG information on Big Game Winter Feeding   The only legal restriction on feeding Big Game is in eastern Idaho. The Idaho State Department of Agriculture has rules which prohibit... Read more
A: Yes, you can have both weapons with you while hunting.
A: Fires burning in Idaho's backcountry have raised concerns about public safety and hunter access, and some roads and trails have been closed. Idaho Fish and Game does not recommend closing hunts or altering season dates in response to fire... Read more
A: Check the rules book for the unit you are in.  If you have a regular tag and the rules don't limit you to harvesting mule deer only, you can use the regular (what you are referring to as "general") tag to harvest a mule deer or a... Read more
A: No, the license you purchase to buy your deer tag also covers upland game hunting.
A: You asked why there is harvest of deer in the general season in Unit 44, shown on the web site, when there is no general season there for deer. Good catch! You’re right, there should be no general hunters in Unit 44. I have now fixed the... Read more
A: Mule deer in Unit 39 typically follow the major drainages starting at the head of the South Fork, Middle Fork and North Fork Boise Rivers.  Deer found in Graham/Atlanta during summer will follow the drainages down to Boise River WMA by... Read more
A: Yes, you can carry both weapons while you are hunting.