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A: Some squirrels can be hunted, while others are protected.  For those legal to hunt you must have a hunting license and there are no tag, season or bag limit requirements. Hunting of Predatory & Unprotected Animals (Species okay to... Read more
A: You may NOT use lighted nocks as they are considered incorporated.  Please check the weapon restrictions section of our big game rules.  The actual rule states it is unlawful to pursue or kill big game animals: With any electronic device... Read more
A: Successful spring black bear applicants will be notified by mail no later than March 10. Results will also be available on the Fish and Game website, Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified.  It is the... Read more
A: Only the person that places the bait is required to have a baiting permit.  Each person can have 1 baiting permit, which allows them to maintain up to 3 bait sites.  People hunting over bait sites, but not involved in placing the bait do... Read more
A: Each year antlers from deer, elk, moose, and the horns of pronghorn fall off, or are shed; new antlers and horns begin to grow back and are fully grown again each fall. Animal parts such as antlers,  horns, hides, bones, and teeth of deer... Read more
A: The rule is written in order to prevent placement of salt blocks or liquid salt in order to create possible salt licks, which could artificially attract other big game.  Salt in food is not considered placing salt as bait. 
A: How to Apply for a Controlled Hunt--Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, fall Bear Big game rules for the current year come out each April. Check the general season information (listed by species) to see if the over-the-counter general season has a hunt... Read more
A: Yes. Information about the current program we have for nonresident disabled veterans can be found on our website under the license tab. Look for the Disabled Veterans Programs link. Nonresident Disabled VeteransNonresident disabled... Read more
A: Why Manage Wildlife in Wilderness By Virgil Moore, Director, Idaho Fish and Game Recent media coverage about Idaho Fish and Game sending an employee to try to remove two of the wolf packs in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness... Read more
A: Idaho Code 36-202(t) explicitly defines a senior resident an any person over 65 years of age who has lived in the state for 5 years so if your 65th birthday is not until February, you cannot purchase a Sr. license at age 64 and 11 months... Read more
A: If you are looking for general seasons tags, the answer is yes.
A: The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) requires a hunting license to be purchased by both residents and nonresidents prior to applying for a controlled hunt. Neither group receives a refund of the license fees once the license has... Read more
A: First, I apologize for our agency not answering your questions in a timely fashion.  That's poor customer service and I'm truly sorry.  We are working to do a better job and I guarantee we'll do better in the future.   Now for the good... Read more
A: For more information on the possession and sale of wildlife found dead, see page 75 of the 2012 Big Game Seasons and Rules booklet which states, “Parts of big game species – hides, horns, bones, antlers, elk teeth, bear, lion and wolf... Read more
A: We estimate a population of about 20,000 black bears in the state.   We kill approximately 45,000 deer across the state and estimate there to be about 300,000 deer in Idaho. 
A: A nonresident elk or deer tag, excluding nonresident junior mentored deer and elk tags, are valid to take a black bear, mountain lion, or gray wolf instead of a deer or elk, if a season is open for that species, where and when the deer or... Read more
A:   Wolves were never released in Whiskey Creek by IDFG.  Often, people will see a culvert trap in the back of a conservation officer pickup and assume it is something other than a black bear being relocated. Years ago in the late 1990's,... Read more
A: A person may apply for only one species.  Any person applying for a moose, bighorn sheep, or mountain goat hunt is prohibited from applying for any other big game controlled hunt in the same year.  Except: they may apply for a controlled... Read more
A: Nonresident deer and elk tags (exluding nonresident junior mentored deer and elk tags) are valid to take a black bear, mountain lion or gray wolf instead of a deer or elk IF a season is open for that species, where and when the deer or... Read more
A: Here is the Idaho Department of Fish and Game Commission Refund Rule: IDAPA 03. Refunds. The fee for any nonresident license (as defined in Section 36-202(z), Idaho Code) shall not be refunded for any reason except as follows... Read more
A: For bears, the definition of bait is any substance placed to attract game animals.  You are not allowed to place parts of animals or fish that are currently classified as game animals or fish that come from the wild or commercial domestic... Read more
A: Bear hunts are any-weapon seasons so a crossbow is legal.
A: Game Fish: Brook, brown, bull, cutthroat, golden, lake (Mackinaw), rainbow (including steelhead), splake and Sunapee trout; trout hybrids; Chinook, coho, Atlantic, and kokanee (blueback) salmon; grayling; whitefish; cisco; crappie; perch... Read more
A: Unit 4 has hunting seasons for mule deer, elk, bear, moose and wolf.  Please contact the Panhandle Region office for information about animals at 4,000 feet and the prescense of other animals.  Their number is 208-769-1414.
A: Yes.  He must have a hound hunter permit: Hound Hunter Permit When dogs are being used to hunt black bears or mountain lions, the following persons must have a valid hound hunter permit and a black bear or mountain lion tag for the... Read more