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A: You may NOT use lighted nocks as they are considered incorporated.  Please check the weapon restrictions section of our big game rules.  The actual rule states it is unlawful to pursue or kill big game animals: With any electronic device attached to, or incorporated in, the firearm (including ...
A: Idaho does offer some youth only elk hunting opportunities for the 2014 season. These youth hunts are all Antlerless Only. We do not offer any controlled antlered youth elk hunts at this time. What Idaho does do for youth elk hunters is allow them to hunt both the A and B seasons on one tag in elk ...
A: The homemade arrow would probably not meet the very specific specific requirements we have for archery equipment; you should check with a Conservation Officer to see if the homemade arrow meets them, including: Archery EquipmentIn any hunt, including general any-weapon seasons and shortrange hunts ...
A: To hunt in an archery-only big game hunt in Idaho you must be able to prove that you have taken an archery-only education course or have hunted in an archery-only hunt in Idaho or another state.  If you have fulfilled either of these requirements but you no longer have the proof, you can sign a ...
A: No.  A superhunt tag allows you to hunt in any hunt in Idaho for the species you draw, but you must abide by the rules we set in place for the hunt including legal weapons that can be used.  If the hunt as we set it up is archery-only, you can only hunt in it using archery equipment and you must ...
A: No other permit is required.  More information: Spear Fishing in IdahoArchery and Spear Fishing is defined as: Fishing with a bow and arrow, crossbow, spear or mechanical device, excluding firearms. This type of fishing is permitted only in the taking of bullfrogs and unprotected nongame fish and ...
A: To hunt during an archery-only season or archery-only controlled hunt, you will need an archery permit.  To purchase an archery permit, you must possess a valid Idaho hunting license and show proof you have completed an approved bowhunter education course or show evidence of having been licensed ...
A: Assuming you are interested in using a bow or spear to catch fish; here are the details: Spear Fishing in Idaho You must have an Idaho fishing license if you are 14 or over. Archery and Spear Fishing is defined as: Fishing with a bow and arrow, crossbow, spear or mechanical device, excluding ...
A: The Idaho Fish and Game Commission periodically reviews equipment rules to ensure they are still reasonable, easy to abide by, necessary to meet species management objectives, and consistent with current technology.  From 2006 to 2009, the Commission conducted a thorough review of archery ...
A: cannot attach any electronic device to your bow: From the Big Game rules book: In any hunt, including general any-weapon seasons and short-range hunts, it is unlawful to pursue or kill big game animals:With any electronic or tritium-powered device attached to an arrow, bolt or bow. Except ...
A: You must choose a specific zone elk tag.  You will only be able to  hunt in the zone covered by the tag you purchase.   The only way to hunt in another zone is if you purchase a second elk tag (at nonresident price) to hunt in a second, different zone.  Each elk tag is zone specific.
A: You are correct.  Currentl it is unlawful to use a bow with any electronic or tritium-powered device attached to, or incorporated into, an arrow, bolt, crossbow, or bow (except nonmagnifying scopes containing battery powered or tritium lighted reticles may be used by disabled archery permit ...
A: Answer:  This is the most complicated part of reporting the harvest statistics. I'm pretty sure that you are asking about deer and elk general hunt harvest estimates on the IDFG web site. We have 3 kinds of general hunting seasons, for most of our hunts, but the names are confusing."Any Weapon" is ...
A: Yes, you can purchase a nonresident tag for your second tag.  They go on sale for that purpose on August 1.
A: No, it is not legal to use mechanical or expanding broadheads for the taking of big game.
A: No. An archery validation is required only for those hunts that are restricted to archery equipment only. An archery validation is not required to hunt with a bow during an Any-weapon season.
A: No. If you purchase the controlled hunt tag, you are restricted to the hunt area and dates of the controlled hunt for the tag you possess. Any person who has purchased a controlled hunt tag is prohibited from hunting in any other hunt for the same species (archery, muzzleloader or general) except ...
A: Only the 3 year licenses are valid for multiple years. All other permits, validations and tags are annual items and expire no later than December 31 of the year they were valid in.
A: Director Moore has decided to allow controlled hunt tags drawn by youth stand.  Therefore, your grandson will be able to hunt once the tag is purchased.
A: Yes it is. The reason would be the application submitted was made ineligible due to a rule violation such as submitting for an antlered hunt as the first choice when the individual drew an antlered hunt the prior year.
A: Hunt #1114 is archery only from August 30 to September 30, and any weapon from October 10 to December 24. Please note the other limiting criteria of this hunt...that it includes that portion of unit 1 within one mile of private land, and that it is for white-tailed does only.
A: Yes.
A: Thank you for your question on additions to legal archery equipment.  Each year the Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners have the option to add or restrict the equipment that hunters may legally use to pursue game.  The restriction on expandable broadheads as you know dates back decades.  It would be ...
A: No.  Unlimited hunts are controlled hunts in which only those who apply during the first controlled hunt application period can obtain a tag.  For more information on controlled hunts, see page 108-112 of the 2014 Big Game Seasons and Rules booklet.
A: Thank you for your question on additions to legal archery equipment.  The short answer is no there have been no changes in the archery regulations regarding the technology you mention.  Each year the Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners have the option to add or restrict the equipment that hunters ...
A: Yes.  If you have controlled hunt tags for both deer and elk, in order for you to bowhunt during the general archery season, you would need to purchase a reduced price nonresident deer and a reduced price nonresidet elk tag.   
A: Hunters have been required to purchase an archery permit/validation to participate in hunts designated as "archery only" seasons for more than 35 years. Although some hunters may choose to hunt only in an archery-only hunts and don't participate in any other hunts, many hunters who participate in ...
A: If you purchase a 2014 A Tag for the Weiser zone, you can only hunt during the dates, in the units and with weapon restrictions shown in the 2014 big game booklets for the Weiser A Tag (see page 44 of the 2014 Big Game Seasons and Rules brochure). If you wish to hunt in the October 25 to November ...
A: Provided you don't have a provision in any felony conviction that prevents you from owning or possessing a firearm; you've purchase a valid hunting license and tags; and have taken an archery education class or qualify for an archery validation - then you can use your archery equipment ...
A: You can harvest members of the Cyprinidae family (chubs, carp, northern pikeminnow, and  tench) and Cataostomidae family (suckers).  All other unprotected nongame fish species are probably too small to harvest with archery equipment.
A: During a Muzzleloader Only season no person shall take big game animils with any firearm, muzzleloading pistol or other implement other than a muzzleloading rifle or musket in accordance with weapon restrictions listed in the Big Game Seasons and Rules; for 2014 seasons listed on page 100.
A: If you are a resident, you can purchase the tag through the last day of the hunt. If you are a nonresident, you can do the same as long as the nonresident tag quota has not been sold out. For quota information please visit this page for nonresident inforamtion ...
A: Yes you can purchase one of the discounted nonresident Brownlee A elk tags as a second tag.
A:        IDFG offers a wide variety of hunting seasons in the fall, including several that run the entire throughout the month of September. For example the archery season for both deer and elk opens Aug 30 and runs through the end of Septmeber. For the most part, archers will be wildly dispersedand ...
A: You are restricted to the Snake River Zone with the tag you currently have. Elk zone tags are only valid for the zone they are purchased for.  The exceptions are for depredation hunts, extra antlerless elk hunts, or buying a discounted nonresident elk tag as a second tag, if available.  
A: You can find specifications for archery equipment in the 2014 Big Game seasons and rules book (page 100). Under Archery equipment it reads: "it is unlawful to pursue or kill big game animals:  with a bolt (crossbow) less than 12 inches from broadhead to nock inclusive." The answer to your question ...
A: Yes, you can fish using a rod, reel and lure/bait while under water.  I'm not sure what the advantage would be - but it is legal. We often receive questions about the use of spearguns while diving, to harvest fish.  Only nongame fish can be harvested using archery equipment, spears or mechanisms ...
A: Not based on the information you have provided. Here is the state law regarding archery permits: Idaho Code 36-411 (b) Archery education. On and after January 1, 1994, no person shall be issued an archery permit unless that person presents to the department a certificate of completion in archery ...
A: Yes. You can use a bow in "any weapon" season without an archery validation. The archery validation is required for archery-only hunts.  However, you are required to follow the archery equipment restrictions listed on page 100 of the 2014 Big Game Seasons and Rules brochure.
A: Exchanging Deer or Elk Tags: Hunters may exchange general season elk tags for use in another zone at any Fish and Game office. Deer hunters may exchange a regular season deer tag for a white-tailed deer tag or a white-tailed deer tag for a regular season deer tag at any Fish and Game office. The ...
A: It is possible to recover this animal if you contact Idaho Fish and Game and get with the local Conservation Officer.  You did the right thing by not shooting the bull when you located it several days later; since you validated your tag.  If the animal is wondering, recovery is highly unlikely.  ...
A: Yes, you may hunt migratory birds with your archery equipment in Idaho.  Federal regulations state the following: It is against the law to take migratory game birds: with a trap, net, snare, net, rifle, pistol, swivel gun, shotgun larger than a 10 gauge, punt gun, battery gun, machine gun, ...
A: No, you can not use archery gear, spears or any other methods, other than hooks and line, to catch game fish - with a couple of odd-ball exceptions.  First, you can use up to 5 traps to catch crayfish and you can use a spear to take bullfrogs.  Yes, both crayfish and bullfrogs are considered "game ...
A: You may harvest a doe with a second tag only where doe harvest is allowed.  For instance, whitetail hunting is either sex in many units as is archery hunting mule deer, but any weapon general seson mule deer is primarily youth hunting.  The second tag only allows you to shoot a second deer that is ...
A: No you do not need an archery permit to hunt coyotes with a bow, and you may use mechanical broadheads. An archery permit is only required in archery only hunts.  Weapons restrictions such as mechanical broadheads only apply in archery only hunts.  
A: Idaho's 10 year (2014-2024) elk management plan was developed with the help of hunters, landowners, elected officials, land managers and other interested Idahoans. The elk plan establishes specific management goals that Fish and Game -- working with elk hunters and other elk enthusiasts -- will ...
A: An arrow wound is not natural.  This animal would not have died if not hit by the arrow.  No parts of this animal can be legally salvaged.
A: We do not restrict firearms in our archery only seasons.  Please contact the relative National Forest in regards to the postings you describe. 
A: This is a great question and unfortunately, especially with young hunters, it occasionally happens that they have either lost their license, washed it or just simply cannot find it. Although the license number is on the tag, Idaho Code 36-1201(c) requires that your "License must be .......on his ( ...
A: No.  The only time you need an archery permit is when you are hunting with a bow in an "Archery Only" hunt.  However, please be aware of the archery equipment restrictions, which can be found on page 100 of the 2014 Big Game Seasons and Rules brochure.