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A: Yes, so long as supplies last. Nonresidents can purchase an over-the-counter license and tag in Idaho beginning December 1st for the upcoming year. There is a cap to the number of elk and deer tags avialable to nonresidents. Many elk zones sell out quickly in popular areas so you'll want to be ...
A: A load of steelhead will be delivered to the Boise River this week (week of November 9th) and another load is scheduled to be delivered next week (November 16th) pending the weather.
A: The Idaho Fish & Game Commission evaluated nonresident deer and elk tag sales at their July 2015 meeting.  At that time, nonresident tag sales were higher compared to the previous 2 years and projected to remain strong; reflecting improved hunting expectations and a recovering economy.  After ...
A: You can purchase multiple wolf tags at a time.  Hunters may buy up to five gray wolf hunting tags per calendar year. Certified wolf trappers may buy up to five gray wolf trapping tags per trapping season for use in those zones with an open trapping season. For more information about wolf hunting, ...
A: Thread the hook through the main body of the shrimp.  If the shrimp has been frozen or is soft, some people will put a couple of half-hitches of thread around around the shrimp on the hook to hold it in-place.   Most people will use shrimp below a "Sammy" when the river temperatures are cooler in ...
A: Yes, you can scent lures to increase your chances of attracting a fish.
A: Muzzleloader permits were initially set up to count the number of muzzleloader hunters in order to design hunts for them.  They are now included in sportsmen packs but other license purchasers who are muzzloader hunters cannot be counted or contacted/surveyed without the permits at this point.  ...
A: The short range weapon restriction is for big game hunting only.  Small game and predators do not have a short range restriction.   In Valley County red fox may only be taken by trapping methods.
A: In Idaho we require seperate permits to fish for steelhead and salmon.  So, the Steelhead permit is good for fishing in the spring and fall steelhead seasons.  You need to record all steelhead caught and kept over 20" in length on your permit.  The Salmon permit is good for fishing in the spring ...
A: Depends on the region, what species you are interested in and what you have for facilities.  You need to contact your local regional office and outline your intentions, experience, facilities, species interests, and then the regional office can determine if you are qualified and fit into their ...
A: Yes, this controlled deer hunt is an "any weapon" hunt. You may use your firearm for the entire length of the hunt.
A: Yes. More than 150 steelhead will be stocked in the Boise River on Thursday, November 12 the first of two planned stocking efforts prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. Here is the full news release about the Boise River steelhead stocking.
A: If you have access to a boat, try fishing flats east of Gotts Point in 10-20 feet of water. The north shore east of Gotts Point can be good in spring from April-June as catfish move to shallow waters to spawn. The west basin is also a good area. Check the flats along the south shore of the west ...
A: You cannot exchange a tag that you have hunted on for another tag.   In fact, you can only exchange your tag if the season on your tag has not yet started.   
A: You can use a bow in a "short-range weapon" hunt without an archery permit validation. The archery permit validation is required for archery-only hunts. However, you are required to follow the archery equipment restrictions listed on page 98 of the 2015 - 2016 Big Game Seasons and Rules brochure.
A: Following successful completion of the online bowhunter course you receive a certification card to print. The record of your certification will be stored with Idaho Fish and Game if you ever lose this card.
A: Common Carp can be found in several places around Caldwell. Your best bet will be Lake Lowell from April through October, but spring is usually better. Try the shoreline access points along the northern shore such as Gotts Point and the the Deer Flat National Refuge headquarters. The Snake River ...
A: You can use archery equipment in an any weapon hunt without obtaining an archery permit.   An archery permit is only required for an archery only period.
A:   A youth (ages 10-17) can hunt both the A and B seasons of an elk zone.  However, the rules of each season must be followed specifically as stated in the Seasons and Rules as per weapon and sex. 
A: We learned about opposums in the valley a few years ago.  They are not protected and can be harvested as an exotic.
A: Hunters can hunt over agricultural crops as long as the growing process follows normal agricultural guidelines that are reccommended by county extension agents.
A: Although feeding wildife is not illegal it is discouraged by IDFG.  Wild animals like foxes attracted to homes by well meaning individuals also create concerns for transferring disease and parasites to domestic animals, killing domestic animals such as cats, fowl, and small dogs, contracting ...
A: Another 150 steelhead will be stocked in the Boise River on Thursday, November 19, the last of two planned stocking efforts prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.  In years past, as many as 900 steelhead made the road trip from Hells Canyon Dam to the Boise River, but this year's below-average ...
A: Great question!  We don't have great information on this, but we do have some idea about how these fish typically move. IDFG has tagged some of the steelhead and salmon that have been released into the Boise River. By keeping track of where tagged fish are released, and where they were caught by ...
A: Trapping ID is issued to each trapper for life and is unique to that trapper.  Although we have the trapper's name associated with the tag number, we are not allowed by law to give that name and contact information out to the public. If you found a legal trap it is unlawful to remove the trap or ...
A: Yes you are.
A: There are many options available to reduce or eliminate wildlife damage to property outside of lethal means. Clearly we encourage property owners to explore, and exhaust those prior to turning to leathal measures, however, it is legal to remove offending woodpeckers/flickers etc. in the defense of ...
A: Railroad rights of way are private property.  One should always ask permission to hunt on private property. Even though the railroad right of way may not be posted ‘no trespassing’ a hunter could be held civilly and criminally liable for damages that may occur on any private property. 
A: ‘Bait’ for trapping purposes is defined as any animal parts; except bleached bones or liquid scent. You also cannot use for bait or scent, any part of a domestic or wild origin game bird, big game animal, upland game animal, game fish, or protected nongame wildlife;  Although there isn't a ...
A: As long as the stored meat is accompanied by a properly filled out proxy statement (see page100 of the 2015-2016 Big Game Rules) it may be stored with a friend or family member.
A: Hi, Basically, we use radio-collared individuals, DNA surveys, and direct observations to document as many wolf packs as we can.  Then, during mid-winter, we fly the radio-collared packs and directly observe the number of wovles in those packs.  Multiplying the number of packs documented times the ...
A: Super Hunt and Super Hunt Combo entries can be purchased all throughout the year.   Entries purchased August 11 through May 31 will be in for the June drawing.   Entries purchased June 1 though August 10 will be in the August drawing.  
A: June 1948 was the first printing.
A: Good question.  Page 18 of the upland bird regulations lists unlawful methods of take for Upland game birds-- and a crossbow is an unlawful method of take, so it would not be legal.  Shotguns are legal during turkey hunts and would give you some options for hunting on your property.  Good Luck ...
A: In addition to a license and elk tag, you must purchase an archery permit for an archery only season.  In order to purchase an archery permit, you would need to complete an Idaho Bowhunter Affidavit form.  On this form you can ...
A: The senior license rates do not take effect until the day you actually turn age 65.
A: Road killed big game animals may only be used as bait for wolf trapping.  No other animals may be baited with road killed big game.
A: In Idaho, plague is largely a disease of rodents and is usually a summer time occurrence.  Rabbits are unlikely to contract plaque and since colonial rodents like ground squirrels are underground at this time of the year, the plaque bacteria is unlikely to circulate in species that do not have ...
A: Thanks for your question about the upcoming changes to the trout possession limit. When the new fishing rules take effect in 2016, anglers will be able to have 3 daily bag limits in possession, whereas before it was just one. This usually meant fisherman traveling for the weekend or on vacation ...
A: Traps and snares can be legally set on federal, state, and private land.  Many of the IDFG Wildlife Mangement Areas do not allow trapping during the pheasant season but allow hunting and there are many dogs and hunters on these properties during the fall and early winter.  Public land is open to ...
A: Idaho code 36-1101(b)1 states: It is unlawful to hunt any of the game animals or game birds of this state from or by the use of any motorized vehicle except as provided by commission rule;  There is an exception for holders of a valid Hadicapped Person's Motor Vehicle Hunting Permit who may shoot ...
A: As a hunter you can purchase 5 wolf tags per calendar year (January 1 through December 31).  As long as you have taken the required wolf trapping class and have a trapping license, you can purchase 5 wolf trapping tags per trapping year (July 1 through June 30).  This could result in the purchase ...
A: I totally sympathize with the frustration of finding an elk caught in a fence.  I have removed some over the years while on patrol and had to put some out of their misery as well.  It would be lawful to take the elk only if you have a valid tag for the area, the elk season is open.  There could ...
A: Yes, there should be coyotes down in that area.  But there are many places to hunt coyotes near Twin Falls--the South Hills, Shoshone Basin, the desert west of Rogerson, the desert north of Gooding or the desert around Shoshone, and many others.  The best way to find coyotes is to look for sign, ...
A: There is not a simple answer to this question.  First off, spring flow conditions for smolts in the lower Snake River comes from several drainages including the Salmon (Clearwater, upper Snake, and Imnaha are the other large contributors).  Second, the flow amounts smolts encounter on their ...
A: By "them" I assume you mean, "Can we kill squirrels?"  Our native tree squirrels are protected animals.  Many towns around Idaho have non-native fox squirrels or gray squirrels living within city limits.  The non-native squirrels are not protected under Idaho law.
A: On page 47 of the furbearer regulations in the section entitled "removing trapped animals of another" it states: No person shall remove wildlife from the trap or snare of another except licensed trappers with written permission from the owner.  In other words, so long as your name or your son's ...
A: The only rule is shells cannot exceed 3 1/2 inches. There is no rule on barrel length or shell capacity in a shotgun.
A: That area is a little tough to hunt because in many places it is a very narrow strip of land between the road and river.  You can hunt on private land along the river with permission from the landowner or along any public land that is open. We emphasize safety and respect for property.  Also, it ...
A: Hello,  Steelhead fishing is probably best in October-November and again in March-April. While steelhead can be caught in the winter between December and February, catch rates are usually much lower until water temperatures come back up.  In the fall, steelhead fishing usually first picks up in ...
A: Yes, Native Americans have a tribal hunting season that is longer than the season established by the State of Idaho. It commonly goes from August through the end of December. They are allowed to hunt on unoccupied federal public lands outside the of the reservation boundaries which does take in at ...
A: A harvested bobcat must be turned into Fish and Game to have a CITES tag attached to it, regardless of the method of take (this includes salvageed road kill). Yes, you will be charged for the tag and vendor fee. A fee of $2 will be charged for each pelt tag. An additional $1.75 vendor fee will be ...
A: Idaho has nonresident over-the-counter tags available for deer and elk. The over-the-counter tag is called our "general" tag and is good for mule deer or white-tailed deer. We also have controlled hunt tags for deer and elk. If a nonresident purchased a general tag prior to drawing a controlled ...
A: If you were born after January 1, 1975, yes you will need to complete hunters education prior to purchasing a nongame hunting license. Here is the Idaho Law regarding hunters education. Idaho Code 36-411.  Certificate of completion. (a) Hunter education.  No hunting license shall be issued to a ...
A: Hunting without a proper license and hunting without a proper tag are misdemeanor violations in Idaho.  Idaho Code 36-1402 states that penalty for a misdemeanor violation is a fine of $25 to $1000, up to six months in jail, and up to three years of license revocation.
A: I assume by enclosed you are refering to closed off for public access or trespass. Fence locations or type of fencing really has nothing to do with idaho trespass law.  The law states: No person may enter private land to hunt, fish or trap without permission if the land is: Cultivated OR posted ...
A: The 3-year junior license would still be valid after the junior turns 18.   However, he (or she) would not be able to participate in any hunt that is designated youth only.
A: Thanks for your inquiry. IDFG has never drained Lost Valley Reservoir; we have worked with the Irrigation Company on years that water use was high and the resulting reservoir carryover was going to be small, to use that opportunity to apply a piscicide to try and remove the yellow perch. It is a ...
A: If you come across public land that has been posted with no trespassing signs, please contact the government agency who administers the property.  This could be the Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service or any other land management agency.
A: Greetings, Thanks for asking about the bass rule change. We have been surveying the largemouth bass populations in the region for many years. Most of the largemouth bass fisheries in this region experience overabundance, which leads to stunted, very slow growing populations. Some of the 10-12 inch ...
A: Yes.  For more information on scoring and the requirements for entering your antelope into the Idaho records, visit Fish and Game’s website at  
A: On page 98 of the Big Game Seasons and Rules it expains archery rules. You cannot have anything electronic attached to a bow, arrow, or bolt.
A: The results of the Hunters Survey are posted on the Fish and Game website. You will find the link on the website homepage at The Fish and Game Commission will approve the minutes from the November meeting at the Commission's meeting later this month.  Once approved, ...
A: In Idaho, upland game birds (except forest grouse) may be taken with a firearm as long as the firearm is classified as a shotgun.  This can be found on page 18 of the 2014-2015 Upland Game, Furbearer and Turkey regulations.  18 USC 921 states: The term “shotgun” means a weapon designed or ...
A: Good Question, Some of the criteria for areas where spotlight permits are not authorized are: in areas where livestock or big game are present during any general or controlled hunt within 1 mile of any residence, or camp Other permit restrictions are: lights may not be attached to or operated from ...
A: Yes, rotenone kills the rainbow trout in the treated water - and all other fish (perch, brook trout, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, etc.). Rotenone is an odorless, colorless organic compound extracted from the roots of a native legume known as a Jicama vine found in South America.  Before being ...
A: If you filled out your report using our online reporting tool and checked the box indicating you were salvaging the animal, then the information you have entered goes directly into our database.  You do not need to take any further action.  It's that simple! 
A: An adult nonresident elk tag may be used to harvest an elk, bear, mountain lion or gray wolf if  a season is open for that species where and when the elk tag is valid. It cannot be used to harvest a deer. Hunters can purchase an adult nonresident general season elk tag as a second tag as long as ...
A: Sunapee trout would be included in the current definition of a trout in Idaho.  The limit would be 6 unless there is a special rule on the water where they are found.  There are no sunapee in Dworshak Reservoir or tributaries.  The only place in Idaho that we have sunapee is in a couple of high ...
A: The Owyhee Units general season only allows harvest of young bucks to limit the overall harvest.  The units are mostly considered a high desert that generally supports a lower deer density because the area is limited by water and seasonal forage.  Also, the area is relatively open which generates ...
A: For the 2016 year, the bear and antlerless elk hunt would be both be open only from October 25-31.   The bear is open October 1-31 and the controlled elk is open October 25-November 15.   Please be advised that these dates may differ in the future years beyond 2016.
A: Black bear season is open in GMU 66A in the fall from Aug 30 - Oct 31.  The antlerless elk controlled hunt is Oct 25 - Nov 15.  For the first few days  of the elk season (Oct 25-31) you would be able to harvest a black bear.
A: We would need to change the dates before the dates on the current license expire.  A new license would need to be issued with the new dates.  This can be done at no cost.
A: Greetings, thanks for your question about adipose-clipped trout!  Idaho Fish and Game does not typically adipose-clip hatchery rainbow trout. You may see some adipose-clipped hatchery trout in some waters (Salmon River near Stanley, for example), but they are not very common. The Department may ...
A: You may target practice on BLM lands without a hunting license.
A: We are glad to hear that you and your son enjoy spending time hunting and fishing together. We appreciate your passing on the hunting and fishing legacy to your kids. Currently there is not an option for a junior/senior/DAV sportsmans package. This is something that has been discussed as part of  ...
A: Depends on if there is ice on the Bruneau Arm of C.J. Strike.  Ice fishing for rainbow trout and perch can be very good if you have the equipment and know where the underwater fish habitat structures are located. If there is no ice on the reservoir, fishing can be slow this time of year on C.J. ...
A: Hello, thank you for your question about yellow perch.  Lost Valley Reservoir is managed as a coldwater trout fishery. Yellow Perch can be a problem for producing quality trout fishing, especially when the become overabundant and small.  Idaho Fish and Game does salvage fish in some cases. But, ...
A: Once you purchase a game tag, there is not a waiting period before you can go out and hunt on that tag.
A: We have no laws prohibiting feeding of wildlife though we recommend against it.  Attracting wildlife to one's house usually causes problems.  Deer will begin feeding on shrubbery, defecating on lawns, chasing pets, and attracting predators and spreading diseases and parasites (like ticks and worms ...
A: No
A: We stock Golden Trout in select high mountain lakes as the fish become available.  California Dept. of Game and Fish, every few years, have Golden Trout eggs that are excess to their needs.  When that happens, they make them available to other western states including Idaho.  Idaho has tried on a ...
A: Wax worms and fly maggots are both used to fish for Whitefish in waters that are open for use of bait.  Use just a heavy enough splitshot to allow your bait to bounce along the bottom of the stream. Whitefish are good smoked or pickeled.  They are a white-meated fish.  Watch for small bones.
A: Domestic or wild origin game animal refers to any game species whether it is raised in captivity (like a pheasant or elk) or is a wild animal that you have meat for.  You can use fish that are not game fish in Idaho, furbearer meat, chicken, beef, pig, etc. (they are not game animals in Idaho), ...
A: If you are 16 there are no age restrictions for hunting coyotes. There is currently no age restriction for a spotlight permit.
A: Yes, we have considered many options for how we operate the steelhead trapping and translocation program as it seems to receive an inordinate amount of scrutiny. For Idaho's share, we try to find a balance between meeting broodstock needs, and providing harvest opportunity downstream of Hells ...
A: Even if you harvested a bear on a controlled hunt tag, you could purchase a second bear tag.  This would allow you to hunt the spring or fall general season.   However, if you were to harvest during the general spring bear season on the general season bear tag, you would be done for the year.
A: There is absolutely zero truth to that rumor. Over the last couple of years, IDFG has been capturing, tagging, and releaseing channel catfish and largemouth bass at Lake Lowell to gain a better understanding of use and harvest rates. In addition, we also occassionally (about once every couple of ...
A: A violation of the Motorized Hunting Rule is Misdemeanor in Idaho, which comes with a penalty of a fine of $25-$1,000, and or up to 6 months in jail. It also comes with the potential of a license revocation of up to 3 years. there is no mandatory minimum for the fine or the license revocation as ...
A: The access sites along the Clearwater River east of Lewiston are mainly to provide boating and fishing access.  Be aware that all hunting is closed in the Lewiston Preserve, from Lewiston east to the railroad bridge at Spaulding. The Nez Perce National Historical Park in Nez Perce County is also ...
A: Antler traps are legal as long as the animal is not harmed by the "trap". If placing an antler trap on public ground, check with the land management agency, they may have restrictions on placing items that are left unattended. One word of caution, if using bait to attract animals to the antler ...
A: Your question is interesting and timely. Sunapee (which are a type of char and related to lake trout, brook trout and bull trout) were stocked in several lakes in the Sawtooths over 50 years ago.  Over the years we've had anglers catch Sunapee and bring them to our offices for identification.  We ...
A: Pet/Domestic wolves are usually not pure wolf.  They may be close in heritage to thier wild cousins but usually show some sign of domestic dog. The permit is to allow personnel to identify domestic wolves from wild wolves, if they show all primary wolf characteristics and no domestic dog ...
A: Yes, as per Page 50 of the fishing regulations, "When fishing waters listed --electric motors only-- gas (internal combustion) motors may be attached to the boat; but use of the gas motor is prohibited.  Good Luck fishing
A: Yes, page 14 in the fishing regulations only restricts fishing to single point barbless hooks while fishing for salmon and steelhead.  Barbed hooks are allowed while fishing for trout, although cutthroat are catch and release only; and if you caught a salmon or steelhead while using a barbed hook ...
A: For the most part, Sego Prairied Pond is stocked once per month during March, April, May, and June as well as during October and November.  During each of the months, about 225 catchables are stocked. We do not publicize the day of stocking, but the week of stocking may be found at: http:// ...
A: If the landowner controlled hunt tag you get is for a limited controlled hunt, you cannot have a general season tag for the same species. However, you would be able to purchase what we call a RES-NONRES general season tag as a second tag at the nonresident price. The RES-NONRES general season tags ...
A: In the late winter and spring, steelhead can be found in the upper sections of most rivers open to steelhead fishing. This is usually February - April, but check the closure dates. In February-April, steelhead will be found in the Clearwater, South Fork Clearwater, Salmon River near Riggins, and ...
A: "Take" is defined in statute (Idaho Code 36-202(i)). ""Take" means hunt, pursue, catch, capture, shoot, fish, seine, trap, kill, or possess or any attempt to so do."    
A: The central portion of Fort Boise WMA is closed from February 1 – July 31 for waterfowl nesting. Remaining areas of the WMA are still open to public access, but the hunting of white-fronted and light geese (Blue, Ross’s, and Snow) on any portion of the WMA is not allowed after January 31st. On ...