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A: No, you don't need a Salmon Permit to fish in Lake Coeur d'Alene for Fall Chinook.  The Salmon Permit is only required when fishing for anadromous (ocean-run) salmon.  Land-locked salmon are treated like trout in most waters.
A: You can only bow hunt for nongame fish (carp, suckers, tench).  All you need is a current Idaho fishing license.  We have no rules on arrow types, weights or tips.  There are also no rules on bows such as let-off or weight.     Some previously posted answers might help here, but don't quite answer ...
A: You can fish most public waters with a bow for nongame fish like carp and sucker.  There are however exceptions to protect the public - including within City Limits where they have ordinances prohibiting the discharge of weapons and high use areas where an arrow possess a risk if it skips.  Within ...
A: There is no prohibition of the use of lights for fishing in Idaho, thus it is legal. Please ensure that whatever you use for a light source makes it home with you, and does not end up as litter. Josh Royse, Regional Conservation Officer.