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A: The 10 a.m. rules applies only to Upland bird hunters on WMA's where pheasants are stocked.  Upland game birds shall not be taken before 10 a.m. on Fort Boise, C .J.Strike, Montour, Niagara Springs, Payette River and Sterling WMAs, during the pheasant season.  Waterfowl hunters can hunt before 10 ...
A: If I understand your question you are trying to retreive waterfowl with a net streched across a river stream.  Stretching a net across a waterway could present all types of problems for you and others.   Make sure you are contacting all private landowners prior to hunting to ensure you are not ...
A: This is being answered in April, 2014.  It may be that the signage you see now applies now and may change when waterfowl season comes around in early fall.  Please check with the Southwest Region office for up-to-date information next fall.  Their number is 208-465-8465.