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Questions & Answers: 2014

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A: Turkey distribution in Unit 73 is patchy and linked to available forage and water, which may vary from year to year.  A good place to start hunting for turkey in this unit may be the Malad face near a couple of feed lots south of Malad.  ... Read more
A: The lack of channel catfish stocking in the database is not real.  We have been stocking them consistently; however, they have yet to be uploaded to the database. This will be corrected shortly. We still stock the same ponds, but we did... Read more
A: It sounds like you are fishing in the prime locations to catch larger catfish.  The Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area (where the Boise River meets the Snake River) is a location known to attract larger catfish and the Steck Park area... Read more
A: Unfortunately, Paddock Valley Reservoir was very low during late fall 2013 as it has been for the majority of the last several years. I would not recommend it as a good use of your valuable fishing time. The only exception might be the... Read more
A: We capture adult-sized channel catfish in the Snake River and transfer them to several ponds in the Southwest Region including McDevitt Pond. Usually, these transfers occur in early June and July. Tagging studies indicate that channel... Read more
A: Thank you for your question. The Fish and Games fee increase request was not passed through legislation this year. License, tag and permit fees will remain the same as they have since 2005 for residents and 2009 for nonresidents. If you... Read more
A: A hound permit is required when pursuing raccoons and foxes with dogs.  It is NOT legal to hunt raccoons and fox using dogs unless you have the hound permit.
A: Hello, Thank you for your inquiry.  A resident Hunting License is $12.75.  A nonresident Small Game Hunting license is $97.75, and a nonresident Nongame Hunting license is $35.50, however, a nonresident hunter cannot use a Nongame license... Read more
A: We've stocked fall Chinook salmon in several waters around the state including Lake Coeur d'Alene, Deadwood and Anderson Ranch reservoirs in the southern part of the state.    Typically, fall Chinook are used as predatory species in... Read more
A: You can legally use dead goldfish for bait.   F08
A: The only change in our fishing rules that is not listed in the 2013 - 2015 Fishing Rule booklet has to do with a reduction in the bag limit for steelhead on the Clearwater River.  That change is posted on our website (fishandgame.Idaho.... Read more
A: It is legal to hunt coyotes in Idaho using manual or electronic predator calls. The use of electronic predator calls are restricted for big game animals; and some furbearers may only be taken by trapping in certain areas (which would... Read more
A: Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game have no rules prohibiting the feeding of elk, however, some cities do have ordinances that prevent feeding of wildlife or feral pets within their city limits.  Be aware, if a private citizen artificially feed... Read more
A: You're interpretation is correct.  You can use up to 5 barbless hooks per line while fishing through the ice at Daniels Reservoir.  Only one line is allowed while ice fishing on this reservoir.   F08