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A: All of Idaho Fish and Game’s wildlife harvest statistics are estimated from surveys of hunters. We get the most questions about deer or elk. I think this is what you are asking about. For deer, elk, and pronghorn, each hunter is required to fill out a Hunter Report form, either online or by phone ...
A: As a nonresident you have a choice of several license types depending on how many days and times you will be hunting in Idaho. Here is breakdown of three different options you can choose to purchase to hunt waterfowl in Idaho. Nonresident 3 day small game license. Valid for 3 consecutive days ...
A: Sir, We made a mistake.  Idaho Fish and Game is not aligned with HSUS and the press release has been removed from the Fish and Game website.  A well-meaning employee thought the reward offered by the organization would be useful in helping to solve the poaching case.  Thank you for bringing it to ...
A: Yes you can use furs, feathers, and motion for a decoy. The only thing is you could not trap adjacent to the decoy. Also for the purposes of trapping you could not use feathers or fur.
A: The answer to that question depends on the problems they are causing. If they are damaging your property in a monetary way, you have the right to defend your property. If they are simply an annoyance, we can rent you a trap to remove them. Skunks are classified in Idaho as predators. As such, they ...
A: Yes, you can purchase a muzzleloader stamp with the hunter's hunt in an muzzleloader-only hunt  OR you can hunt in the Any-weapon general hunt (without muzzleloader stamp).
A: You can purchase landownership maps from the BLM.  They will show the land by ownership.  They do not have the landowners name associated with the map.  Some of the newer mapping layers for GPS units have the landowners name associated with the plots.
A: The entire park can be hunted with the exception of posted areas around buildings, so long as there is not a restriction stating the park is closed.  For example, the Park and Farragut WMA are closed from Aug 30-Sept 30 during the archery season in Unit 2 (see page 18-19 of 2014 Big Game seasons ...
A: Yes, your regular deer tag is valid in a short range hunt.  Short range hunts are general hunts with a weapon restriction, just be sure to follow the weapon restriction listed on page 100 of the 2014 Big Game Season and Rules brochure.
A: Negative; in Idaho it is unlawful to use someone elses tag or for someone to place their tag on an animal they did not harvest.  
A: AR-15 type weapons are available in least 9 different calibers, all of which are legal for big game hunting in Idaho.  Idaho rules state that a firearm may not weigh more than 16 pounds, be fully automatic, fire buckshot smaller than #00, or be rimfire (except for lions and trapped wolves).  Idaho ...
A: If you missed filing your 2013 hunter-harvest report, for deer, elk, or pronghorn, it is too late. Sorry! (ends June 2014) You won’t be in trouble, but please file your 2014 report sooner. If you are talking about filing a 2014 hunter-harvest report, you're in luck. (opens January 2014, closes ...
A: Yes, your power wheelchair is considered a motorized vehicle. A motorized vehicle is defined as any water, land, or air vehicle propelled by means of steam, petroleum products, electricity, or any other mechanical power as set forth in Section 36-202, Idaho Code. If you possess a disabled hunting ...
A: You can only bow hunt for nongame fish (carp, suckers, tench).  All you need is a current Idaho fishing license.  We have no rules on arrow types, weights or tips.  There are also no rules on bows such as let-off or weight.     Some previously posted answers might help here, but don't quite answer ...
A: It depends on the stage of development when the mother dies.  If the juvenile crayfish have reached the size where they can digest organic material, once they detach from the mother, they can strike out on their own.  Survival of juvenile crayfish is very low due to all the natural predators (fish ...
A: Near the intersection of Units 56, 73A, and 73 the USDA lands appear to be the Curlew National Grasslands.  For more information about the Grasslands, I would contact Caribou-Targee Westside NF Ranger District at: Pocatello Office4350 Cliffs DrivePocatello, Idaho 83204(208) 236-7500 The IDFG Magic ...
A: I'm not sure we will ever allow fishing for sockeye in Redfish Lake - but I'll bet we have a sockeye season in the Salmon River within the next decade.  With our new Springfield hatchery coming on line with a goal of releasing ~1 millon smolts for migration to the ocean, we are confident we can re ...
A: All conservation officers across the state have very large patrol areas.  They do the best they can to enforce fishing and hunting regulations.  The Department applies more enforcement to Henrys Lake than some other areas because the lake is managed as a trophy fishery.  Some conservation officers ...
A: It depends.  If you plan to hunt pheasants on one of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game's Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) where pheasants are stocked, you will need a WMA Upland Game/Pheasant Permit. These are $23.75 for residents and $51.75 for nonresidents.  Each Permit allows the take of ...
A: Yes, you may hunt migratory birds with your archery equipment in Idaho.  Federal regulations state the following: It is against the law to take migratory game birds: with a trap, net, snare, net, rifle, pistol, swivel gun, shotgun larger than a 10 gauge, punt gun, battery gun, machine gun, ...
A: The elk tag can only be used to harvest an elk, bear, lion or wolf as long as there is a season for elk and the species harvested such as bear. An elk tag cannot be used to harvest a deer. In addition, once the tag has been used to harvest an animal it cannot be used again. You can purchase a ...
A: This is a fairly common question here. The most recent answer is located here: Keep your eyes on the Commission schedules and agendas for technology as that is the time and place for these discussions with our Commissioners ...
A: The full definition of “hunting” that addresses this question is in Idaho Fish and Game laws, Idaho Code Section 36-202: "Hunting" means chasing, driving, flushing, attracting, pursuing, worrying, following after or on the trail of, shooting at, stalking, or lying in wait for, any wildlife whether ...
A: Yes. You can use a bow in "any weapon" season without an archery validation. The archery validation is required for archery-only hunts.  However, you are required to follow the archery equipment restrictions listed on page 100 of the 2014 Big Game Seasons and Rules brochure.
A: We encourage fishing for carp whenever possible.  Look at the liberal harvest rules and seasons we have on carp throughout Idaho.  We've even posted recipies for preparing carp in various Department publications. In the Sun Valley area, there are a group of avid carp anglers that refer to carp ...
A: In the past, we have attempted to utilize Beach's Pond for bass, bluegill, and channel catfish.  Unfortunately, this did not work well. In small ponds, channel catfish are substantial predators. In this portion of the state, we now avoid stocking channel catfish in nearly all small ponds (less ...
A: Yes, a hunting license is required to purchase any big game tag in Idaho.
A: Hi everybody, I’ve been getting bombarded with questions regarding this year’s Steelhead runs so I figured it is about time I give you all an update.  I’ve been holding off until I had enough information to give you something meaningful.  So here you go. For steelhead there are typically two ...
A: Questions coming into this website are assigned to staff based on the topic, the area described, and species involved. Depending on the time of year and nature of the topic, it can sometimes take several weeks for either field season, annual leave, researching questions, or finding the time to ...
A: You are restricted to the Snake River Zone with the tag you currently have. Elk zone tags are only valid for the zone they are purchased for.  The exceptions are for depredation hunts, extra antlerless elk hunts, or buying a discounted nonresident elk tag as a second tag, if available.  
A: Please refer to pages 41 of this years upland game and furbearer rules at: to learn how to apply for the Controlled Hunt beaver permit.  You must apply by Sept. 15 for the trapping permit.  Check the rules for starting dates for beaver trapping ...
A: The Idaho Department of Fish and Game Commission is not considering this proposal at this time. The Commission is interested in reviewing technology at a date to be determined. 
A: Thanks again for your question regarding baiting.     The answer to your question is that bait can be placed for all big game on private property with permission from the landowner if the purpose is for wildlife photography and viewing only.   In contrast, baiting for photography and viewing on ...
A: The disposition of the animal would depend on several factors including the age and health of the mountain lion.  It may be possible to trap and relocate or tree, dart, and relocate it.  If the animal was in poor condition and unlikely to survive, the most humane thing would be to put the animal ...
A: Hunters can buy 5 wolf tags per calendar year and 5 trapping tags per calendar year for use in zones with an open trapping season.  A person must attend a wolf trapper education course and have a valid trapping license before trapping wolves.
A: There will be no rainchecks offered for this hunt.  There is still much unburned land in the unit and the fire is now out.  For more information, please contact ther Clearwater Regional Office at: 208-799-5010.
A: With the sportsman's package you have an elk receipt. We consider this your first elk tag. You can purchase the discounted nonresident elk tag prior to redeeming your elk receipt.
A: No. The application period for the second draw is August 5th through August 15th. There is no limit to the number of applications we will accept during that time following the appropriate application rules as listed in the 2014 big game proclamations on page 108 through 111.
A: Right now there are no planned changes to seasons in Unit 11.  The Dept. will proceed as usual with the mule deer and elk seasons.  However due to the fire, game may be more concentrated in unburned areas providing a better opportunity to bag your buck.  Good luck!
A: To review all the tags available for application, visit
A: Yes, the second general season nonresident deer or elk tag can be used to harvest the species the tag is for one of the species you list as long as there is a season for both the species of the tag and the species you harvest such as bear.
A: We do not have online results for Landowner Appreciation Program tags.  Results are mailed to successful applicants no later than August 15. A landowner may also contact the Regional office that they have registered property in to find out if they drew.
A: Deer hunters may choose either a regular or general deer tag or a white-tailed deer tag. The regular deer tag is valid for any hunt listed under “2014 Regular Deer Tag Seasons” on pages 15-19 and may be used to take a mule deer or white-tailed deer during those seasons. The white-tailed deer tag ...
A: No, you don't need a Salmon Permit to fish in Lake Coeur d'Alene for Fall Chinook.  The Salmon Permit is only required when fishing for anadromous (ocean-run) salmon.  Land-locked salmon are treated like trout in most waters.
A: Wild spring Chinook salmon are not included in the calculated harvest share for the various river reaches around Idaho because they are federally protected under the Endangered Species Act.  We can only set seasons and harvest shares for hatchery-produced Chinook salmon. In areas where the wild ...
A: We're talking "apples and oranges" when you mix the total number of Chinook coming over Bonneville Dam and Lower Granite with the angler sport harvest on the South Fork Salmon River. First, lets talk about the numbers of fish coming over the dams.  These numbers represent a mixture of fish ...
A: What you've heard is a fish-story.  Only a salmon permit can be used to fish for and keep Chinook salmon from the Boise River. Don't throw away your steelhead permit you bought this spring.  If we stock steelhead in the Boise River around Thanksgiving time, it will be good for those stocked fish.
A: Northern pikeminnow have been consumed by native Americans for hundreds of years.  The meat is tasty but they have many small bones. Because Northern Pikeminnow are a long-lived piscivorous (fish-eater) fish, they tend to bioaccumulate (store) heavy metals in their tissue.  There are even ...
A: We are not familiar with Ralf's Pond. Could you provide more information on its location? or by chance, does it have an alternate name? I suspect that it a private pond. Most private ponds in this area possess largemouth bass and bluegill as well as several other warm water species.     
A: The Idaho Fish and Game Commission has seriously considered point systems in the past, most recently in 2005 and 2010. In 2005, the Commission adopted a point system contingent on the Idaho Legislature passing a law that allowed the Fish and Game Department to charge a small surcharge on each ...