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A: The parasites are fairly common, and they are a particular species of nematode that lives in joint areas of deer. The parasite is likely either in  the genus Onchocerca (several species) or the genus Wehrdikmansia (species cervipedis).  These parasite are transmitted by various biting insects ...
A: Thanks for the question. I'm glad you guys are having these types of discussions. The answer to your question is the same as so many questons regarding these types of laws:....... It depends. You have pretty much nailed it in the descriprion of your discussion. Idaho Code section 36-1508(a) sets ...
A: You are fine to carry your firearm to your blind.  Its your constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  Duck hunter almost always access their hunting blinds in the dark.
A: Idaho doesn't require that you wear hunter orange while big game hunting.  It is required if you are hunting upland birds on WMAs where we plant pheasants.