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A: Yes you will need a hunting license to purchase a wolf tag. Licenses can be purchased via the Internet at over the telephone at 800-554-8685, any license vendor, or through the mail to any Idaho ...
A: According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, historical evidence documents the presence of gray wolves throughout the Northern Rocky Mountains of the contiguous United States.  
A: The largest harvested wolf ever measured/confirmed by IDFG was 128lbs.  I think the largest we have record of being measured in Idaho from a live capture- radio collaring operation weighed 132lbs. Not to say there might not be some a little larger but we've seen more than a thousand dead wolves in ...
A: Yes.
A: If the area you are hunting is approaching the harvest limit, every day you should make every reasonable effort to check whether the harvest limit is reached. It is a hunters responsibility to know the harvest limit and if it has been reached.   It is possible that a hunter may be in on a hunting ...
A: Wolves are classified as a big game animal and there are a few firearms restrictions associated with the taking of big game animals. firearms, including slings, scopes or any other attachments cannot weigh more than 16 pounds With any shotgun can not use any shot smaller than double-aught (#00) ...