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A: Our agency only regulates the use of motorized equipment as it pertains to hunting and fishing activities.  If you are using your jetski strictly for recreation, then you need to check with the U.S. Forest Service Sawtooth National Recreation Area for restrictions they may have placed on Red Fish ...
A: the Pack River is a navigable water way, so you have full access to the river below the ordinary high water mark.  The lower Pack River is public land, so there's plenty of land open to hunting/fishing/recreating.
A: It sounds like you are fishing in the prime locations to catch larger catfish.  The Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area (where the Boise River meets the Snake River) is a location known to attract larger catfish and the Steck Park area down by Weiser is another good location.  May is typically the ...
A: In Idaho, you can use 5 hooks per line (see page 51 in the 2013 - 2015 Fishing Rule booklet - middle of left hand column) unless noted otherwise in the exceptions.    F08
A: Contact Fish and Game Headquarters (208-334-3700).  They will put you in touch with the License Department who will work with you to become a vendor.
A: Idaho has a permit for the same purpose (Hunt from a Vehicle Permit).  The application form is online (the link is It requires a doctor's signature and it costs $1.75. If you need further information about the Magic Valley area, ...
A: Thank you for the email. I believe the location you are referring to is owned by Bennett Timber Company. Unfortunately, there are not any public shooting ranges in Latah County so folks wanting to shoot are left to find random locations. We have posted safety zone signs to keep people from ...
A: The best thing you can do is be a good witness.  Document the activity (date, time, and specific activities), descriptions of the hunters, descriptions and license plates of vehicles (pick-ups, ATV's, cars) and report it to Idaho Fish and Game or Citizen's Against Poaching.  You can remain ...
A: Idaho doesn't have any rules against the use of a silencer for hunting if the hunter has the correct permit from the Federal Govt.
A: Yes, you can use them while you are hunting. There are no rules specific to the use of trail cameras.
A: I live out in Acequia area and i wanted to find out where I can shoot My rifles and handguns for target practice. Me and my father inlaw have been trying to find places where we can go but we are really far from a target range and wanted to see how far away you have to be from the road to shoot ...
A: It is illegal to use dipnets to harvest kokanee in Mores or Grimes Creek. Please refer to page 44 of the fishing rules book. Kokanee in Mores Ck are mostly past the stage of being edible.
A: It is not on my monthly fish request that is made by the reional fisheries manager, Joe Kozfkay 465-8465.  I think it may be because on water quality and sometimes it goes dry.  I would give him a call for a definite answer.