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A: Thank you for your question. IDFG will likely evaluate the options to offer a similar or identical program for the fall of 2015 based on the best information at the time.  However, for the department to offer this program again, it will require the Fish and Game Commission's approval as Idaho Code ...
A: No. The application period for the second draw is August 5th through August 15th. There is no limit to the number of applications we will accept during that time following the appropriate application rules as listed in the 2014 big game proclamations on page 108 through 111.
A: From page 112 in the 2014 big game proclamations: Exchanging Deer or Elk Tags: Hunters may exchange general season elk tags for use in another zone at any Fish and Game office. Deer hunters may exchange a regular season deer tag for a white-tailed deer tag or a white-tailed deer tag for a regular ...
A: Cam, Thanks for the question on the 2-zone tag for elk and what is the plan for implementation for such a option? The Idaho Fish and Game Commission approved the Elk Management Plan in January. The next step is to begin to implement the plan. The 2 zone tag system was one of the concepts developed ...
A: Big game hunters who were drawn in controlled hunt drawings have until Thursday, August 1, to buy their tags.  Any tags not purchased by that date will be forfeited and will become available for a second drawing. The application period for the second drawing runs from August 5 to 15. The drawing ...
A: You can apply for a hunt during the second chance application period--August 5-15. We didn't have any leftover moose hunts in 2013.
A: The list will be out in early August (after the first).  Vendors will receive a list on their License machines and the list will be available on the IDFG website.  The application period is August 5-15.