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A: We don't typically do crayfish surveys, but we can tell you that all indications are, the population is healthy and makes up a significant portion of the diet of adult bass in CDA lake during the summer.  Although we haven't opened CDA lake to the commercial harvest of crayfish, we did have one ...
A: You can harvest crayfish with just a valid fishing license.  In Idaho, they are considered game fish, so they can be caught whenever a season is open for fishing on that water (even a catch-and-release season).  If you want to use a trap, you can set 5 per licensed angler.  Check the rules for ...
A: By rule, it is illegal to transport live crayfish away from the body of water where they were captured.  This is to prevent spreading of invasive crayfish to new waters and to prevent crayfish diseases and parasites from being spread to waters that may not contain the disease or parasite. Crayfish ...
A: Yes, you can use parts of gamefish as bait in crayfish traps.  To be safe, I'd recommend using the inedible parts of the fish so there is no question about potential waste of a gamefish. Better yet, use canned tuna or catfood as bait.  Take a small can and punch several holes through the top and ...