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A: Thanks again for your question regarding baiting.     The answer to your question is that bait can be placed for all big game on private property with permission from the landowner if the purpose is for wildlife photography and viewing only.   In contrast, baiting for photography and viewing on ...
A: Great question the quick answer is Yes; if the purpose is for wildlife viewing only.  However you have "spoiled" the area for deer and elk hunting activities.Deer and elk harvested over this "salted" area would be taken unlawfully.   The area where the salt has been placed would be considered " ...
A: Yes, salt does attract deer.  Here is information about using salt to attract big game animals in Idaho for the purpose of baiting animals: Hunting rules vary from state to state.  Idaho hunting rules prohibit the use of bait, including salt in any form (liquid or solid) in the hunting/taking of ...