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A: No, It is unlawful to hunt or pursue big game animals using arrows or expanding broadheads in any archery hunt, short range weapon hunt  or any general season hunts.
A: The Idaho Fish and Game Commission periodically reviews equipment rules to ensure they are still reasonable, easy to abide by, necessary to meet species management objectives, and consistent with current technology.  From 2006 to 2009, the Commission conducted a thorough review of archery ...
A: This is a fairly common question here. The most recent answer is located here: Keep your eyes on the Commission schedules and agendas for technology as that is the time and place for these discussions with our Commissioners ...
A: Reign broadheads are considered a barbed broadhead and are not legal for hunting big game in Idaho.  A barbed broadhead is defined as a broadhead which has any portion of the rear edge of the broadhead forming an angle less than ninety (90) degrees with the shaft or ferrule.
A: No, it isn't legal to use mechanical or expanding broadheads for the taking of big game.