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A: No, you can not use archery gear, spears or any other methods, other than hooks and line, to catch game fish - with a couple of odd-ball exceptions.  First, you can use up to 5 traps to catch crayfish and you can use a spear to take bullfrogs.  Yes, both crayfish and bullfrogs are considered "game ...
A: Great question! There are no restrictions on the use of lights while fishing or fishing hours, so the use of some type of spotlight would be allowable while bowfishing.  However, “Chumming” is illegal for all species of fish.  Idaho Code 36-902(e) states the following:  “Unlawful fishing methods ...
A: Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game rules do not preclude you from using a bow to take carp from Park Center Pond, but City of Boise Municipal Code 06-04-02 prohibits the use of a bow other other device that fires a projectile outside of approved ranges or on private property.  Park Center Pond is a ...
A: You can bowfish in any body of water as long as it is open to fishing.  Only nongame fish can be taken using a bow.  You must have a fishing license.