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A: The Idaho Fish and Game Commission has not established a firm schedule for reviewing hunting equipment restrictions.  However, they have expressed interest in reviewing equipment technology in the next few months.  Commission agendas are made available on the IDFG website in advance of meetings. ...
A: Questions about equipment technology are periodically asked.  Please refer to the most recent answer on expandable broadheads here. We've notified those monitoring these rules changes of your question concern. 
A: Unprotected and Predatory wildlife would be legal to pursue with the weapon described.    
A: Lighted nocks are illegal to use in Idaho.
A: The rule regarding using power-lighted equipment on bows for big game hunting is:  "It is unlawful to pursue or kill big game animals with any electronic or tritium-powered device attached to an arrow, bolt or bow.  Except disabled archery permit holders may use a nonmagnifying sight with battery ...