Questions & Answers: A or B run steelhead

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A: Steelhead do run to the Pahsimerio/Challis/Salmon area in the late fall.  Typically, we start to receive reports of steelhead being caught in the upper Salmon in late October/early November.  Most people fish the lower Salmon River in the fall (October in Riggins is my favorite fishing time) and ...
A: The ladder counts at the dams don't make a distinction between "A" (steelhead that spend 1 year in the ocean) versus "B" (2 or 3 years in ocean) steelhead.  Estimates on the ratio of A to B steelhead are made at some of the dams based on PIT tag data and random stamping of adults at the ladders ...
A: The spring 2014 steelhead limit on the North Fork Clearwater will remain the same as it was in the fall of 2013.  Hopefully, this will allow us to collect enough brood stock to replunish our hatchery program.   F08