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A: Thanks for your interest in Idaho steelhead and the trapping data at our hatcheries. For the past two years we have been able to provide an automated daily update from each of our hatcheries from a centralized IDFG database. In the last year we have been in the process of transferring our database ...
A: This same question was asked a few minutes ago, please refer to this answer:
A: Hi and thanks for your inquiry/suggestion.    We do have broodstock collection targets for the facilities listed on the “Cumulative Steelhead Hatchery Returns” page (they are listed below); however, using these targets to gauge the status of the run is problematic because most of fish returning to ...
A: We try keeping fish hatchery return information up-to-date for all our facilities.  When things get busy or with holiday weekends, information could be a day or two, late.    F08