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A: You are correct in that you cannot use a crossbow to take upland game birds.  The disabled archery permit is specifically for crossbow use in an archery only season specifially for big game.  There are no archery only seasons for upland game birds.  The disabled archery provisions speak directly ...
A: Although very unconventional to use ferrets to flush or take wildlife, it would be legal with a valid hunting license for small game and predators.  
A: Hunting over placed bait is not legal; 2014 and 2015 Seasons and Rules for Upland Game, Furbearer & Turkey page 21.  Dove's are  migratory birds.  Please review the 2014 Waterfowl Seasons and Rules, page 13, for more detailed information regarding bait.
A: Idaho trespass law generally applies to whether a canal/ditch and related access roads are open to public access and to specific activities such as hunting. The land containing irrigation canals  and related access roads may be owned by the irrigation company, or it may be owned by a third party ...
A: The Department continues to stock nine Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) with pheasants each fall.  Because the price of pheasants increased in 2013, the number of pheasants stocked has decreased a bit .  That being said, there are still good opportunities out there.  Some of the most successful WMA ...
A: Eurasian Collared doves are an unprotected species and can be hunted all year and taken in any quantities.  You must have an Idaho hunting license.
A: There is no open hunting season for mountain quail in Idaho.  Historically, there were mountain quail in Owyhee County and the Boise Foothills.  Currently, there may be a few isolated populations of mountain quail in the Owyhee Mountains, but there have not been any credible sightings documented ...