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Questions & Answers: 2013

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A: Sorry.  By law, Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game can only provide the anglers name - Ed Kalinowski.  We cannot provide you with his address, phone or email information.  We’ve also heard about the video, but we've never seen it.
A: You may be referring to the U.S. government trappers, who are employed by the U.S.D.A. APHIS, Wildlife Services and manage wildlife damage.  They are headquartered in Boise, but you can visit their jobs website at: http://www.aphis.usda.... Read more
A: I assume you mean for elk, deer, or pronghorn? If so, start on this page: All deer, elk and pronghorn hunters must complete and submit an online hunter report, for each tag issued,... Read more
A: Certain species of ground squirrels can be hunted in Idaho.  The most commonly hunted varmints in Idaho are the Columbian Ground Squirrel and the Yellow-bellied Marmot "Rockchuck".  There is a page in our Upland Game Rules that talks... Read more
A: There were a few feral pigs in that area, but that was years ago and none have been reported recently.
A: You can take 2 cow elk because you have 2 valid tags.  The extra cow tag literally means that you can take an extra elk with it.
A: Only if the November hunt is the same zone tag...for example, the Elk City zone A tag is valid for an archery only hunt in unit 15 from from August 30 through September 30 and also s
A: The seasons for the tag you have are as follows:   General A Tag Weiser River 8/1/13-11/30/13 Antlerless Elk Any Weapon Unit 32*²³ 8/15/13-9/30/13 Antlerless Elk Any Weapon Portion of Units 22 and 31²³ 8/30/13-9/30/13 Either-sex Elk... Read more
A: Yes.  You could purchase a second tag at nonresident price.
A: Sorry for the delay in responding to your question.  There are many good areas to hunt whitetail deer near Moscow - both on private and public lands.  Your best source of information would be to visit with a wildlife biologist out of the... Read more
A: A nonresident hunting license is $154.75 and the deer tag is $301.75
A: There were no leftover moose hunts for 2013.
A: A Commerical Fishing license to set more than 5 traps and sell crayfish costs $111.75 for residents and $266.75 for nonresidents.  You then must buy a tag for each trap that costs $3. Note: Commercial Fishing license are on a fiscal year... Read more
A: The most current Chinook salmon season information is posted on our website at  Please check this information for the answer for your question about what is open or call the Salmon... Read more
A: Contact the IDFG Upper Snake Region office at 208-525-7290.
A: He can contact headquarters at 208-334-3700.  They can look into it for you.
A: They will be posted online by June 10.
A: You can enter the superhunt drawing...residency does not effect the superhunts.
A: Yes.  The general season tag can be used in an any-weapon hunt and, with the addition of an archery validation, used in an archery-only hunt.  Here is the information you asked for for unit 39:   General Season-Any Weapon Regular Tag... Read more
A: To clarify the purpose of the Idaho Fish and Game Commission’s motorized hunting rule, the Commission amended the rule to clearly define where and when the rule applies. The amended rule also clarifies what classification of wildlife are... Read more
A: The lake re-opens to motorized boats on April 15th.  The docks are managed by Canyon County Parks and Recreation and by the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge. I assume that they will have them re-installed a couple days beforehand.    
A: Hunting of Predatory & Unprotected Animals Some animals are classified as “predators” or as “unprotected” and can be hunted and taken all year. Animals classified as predators in Idaho include coyotes, raccoons, jackrabbits, skunks,... Read more