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A: Roswell Marsh has a new water source and now has the best water levels in 8 years.  Attached is a map of Roswell Marsh.
A: Duck Creek WMA is a Bureau of Recreation WMA, not a Fish & Game WMA.  It’s one of 6 WMA’s around Cascade Reservoir managed by BOR.  Duck Creek is on the west side, a bit south of where we used to count grebe nests.
A: Fort Boise WMA is in Unit 38 and only requires that you buy a regular deer tag and hunt within the season.  It is a short-range weapon hunt.  There are not that many deer on the WMA and it is a preferred pheasant and waterfowl hunting area, but deer hunting is allowed.
A: The amount of private land within Ted Trueblood WMA has not changed.      There is still a 40 acre square of private property in the middle that is well marked as private/No Trespassing and contains an old house site in the trees on the bench and a private hunting pond on the lower bench between ...